Naked Dove Brewery Canandaigua, NY

Naked Dove Brewing



Naked Dove Brewing sits on the outskirts of idyllic Canandaigua, NY. The building is nondescript enough, a bare bones garage type structure at the end of a gravel drive. Right inside the front door sits a bar and merch area. The bar top itself is simple metal and totally devoid of any seating. I really appreciated the stark aesthetic, it felt cozy, casual and intimate. And what can I say, I like to stand when I drink. This was only further emphasized by the high exposed metal beam ceiling and laminate flooring. Something between folk and classic rock poured out lazily through a radio, that’s a great choice for the setting.

At least at this point Naked Dove does not offer any food. I thought they would probably do well to offer something to nosh, but good for them, keep the operation tight and keep doing it the way they want. This is a real nano-brewery, and while you can find their beers on tap locally they have yet to get into bottling but may plan to do so in the future. We were helped by Don, a corporate refugee with a kindly and excited demeanor. This is someone that loves what they do and can’t wait to impart their knowledge and passion on to others. We even got what he described as the medium version of how the brewery got its name. I won’t spoil that so you’ll have to take a ride for yourself.

The sampling deal is simple, six beers for three dollars and you get to keep the little logo glass. You even get a discount if you buy some merchandise. After samplings for two and a three dollar pint glass my total was around seven bucks, that’s just a steal. I threw in a bottle opener key chain for an extra three but left the change from a ten. A long and hot car ride home precluded a growler purchase but this was also more than reasonably priced. I enjoyed all six of the beers immensely, four regulars and two seasonals. The order given to the sampling was also spot on and well thought out.

Windblown Amber Ale 5 ABV & 25 IBU
Dark red in appearance
Sweet biscuity caramel malt backbone with just enough bitter hop finish
Crisp and medium mouthfeel very sessionable.
Great start

Bare Bock 6.5 ABV & 25 IBU
Dark, foamy head
Burnt sugar and dark fruits on the nose and palate, light bitter finish
Sweet and mellow mouthfeel, lower carbonation
Very clean finish

Starkers IPA 5.6 ABV & 60 IBU
True to style appearance and nose
Super fresh hop profile, pungent and oily but no hop bomb
Simcoe, Amarilla & Cascade hops
Crisp and sessionable

American Brown Ale 5.2 ABV & 35 IBU
English characteristics but hopped up nicely with Centennial hops
Very nutty palate
Well carbonated & drinkable

45 Fathoms Porter 5.6 ABV & 40 IBU
Almost black with a hint of deep red
Roasty & toasy malts, true to style
Nice coffee & chocolate notes

Berry Naked Black Raspberry 4.2 ABV 15 IBU
Fruit / veg beer with a nose of sweet fresh raspberry
The raspberry does not dominate the palate but sits nicely on the malt backbone
Lower ABV/IBU makes a nice finishing note