Critz Farms Never Get out of this Haze

Critz Farms (Cazenovia, NY) Never Get out of this Haze is a 7 ABV IPA and uses pale, pils, white wheat & flaked oat malts and Cascade & Mosaic hops.  Appearance is golden orange.  Critz puts this out as a NE IPA and that is certainly present, however, it lacks that juiciness and has a somewhat herbaceous, floral character.  That’s not to say it isn’t good, it’s actually quite good, with a very complex palate given all those malts.  Glad to have this local brew.

Springdale Good N’ You?

Springdale (MA) Good N’ You? is a 6.5 ABV AIPA and uses Citra and Galaxy hops.  Appearance is juicy orange and the nose all tropical hop.  The flavor follows, sweet malt with tropical, juicy hop in the New England farmhouse style.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy.  It’s definitely an embarrassment of riches when I can say this just another great NE Farmhouse IPA.  Thanks, Larry.

New Belgium 2017 La Folie

New Belgium 2017 La Folie is a 7 ABV Flanders Oud Bruin.  Appearance is dark red with a sour cherry, malt nose.  The palate is pleasantly, vinegary sour fruit with some lactic, lacto notes.  Mouthfeel is just crisp and lively enough.  This one is pretty outstanding and a good reminder that New Belgium can do more than Fat Tire and some decent IPA’s.  Also probably benefited from the 1 year + aging.


Omnipollo Lustro

Omnipollo (a traveling Swedish brewery) Lustro is an 8 ABV ADIIPA brewed by Dorchester Brewing.  Appearance is light orange and the nose all citrus hop.  The flavor follows, a great balance of sweet malt and tropical, citrus and herbaceous hop.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy.  Omnipollo has been a great find, definitely recommended.

Peekskill Brewery Super Stario

Peekskill Brewery Super Stario is an 8 ABV ADIIPA and pours hazy orange.  The nose and palate are all juicy tropical NE farmhouse on a solid backbone of sweet malt.  Mouthfeel, carbonation and texture are all moderate and creamy.  Perhaps nothing has become a Julius killer yet in the farmhouse style but as the style surges in popularity and availability it’s great for the fans.  Great beer definitely worth finding.

Upper Pass First Drop

Upper Pass First Drop is a 5.7 ABV 75 IBU (est.  that seems high) APA.  Appearance is murky orange and the nose citrus hop.  The flavor is a great balance of sweet malt and juicy, tropical hop and nails the New England style.  Carbonation, mouthfeel and texture are all moderate and juicy.  It’s short of exceptional and isn’t quite in league with elite farmhouse breweries but it’s stunningly good, absolutely recommended.


Singlecut Heavy Boots of Lead

Singlecut Heavy Boots of Lead is an 11.2 ABV 55 IBU ADIS bottled 1/18, enjoyed 6/18.  Appearance is virtually black with a roasty nose, the flavor follows, roasty chocolate, dark fruits, oak and vanilla.  Mouthfeel is moderate with a lower carbonation and the alcohol all but hidden.  Another home run from a top notch brewery.  Thanks, Tbone, couldn’t wait any longer to have it.  A challenge not to drink it too quick.


Singlecut Chrissie

Singlecut Chrissie is a 4.2 ABV 14 IBU Gose.   Appearance is light orange and the nose all briny citrus.  The flavor is sharp and sour citrus and salty with virtually no bitterness.  Mouthfeel is light and crisp and well carbonated.  Nothing from Singlecut has been less than fantastic and this is no exception.  Maybe the best Gose I’ve had.  Quite delicious.