McKenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider

McKenzie’s Black Cherry cider is brewed in West Seneca New York and comes in at 5 ABV.  The appearance is basic cider gold and the nose cherry apple.  The cherry flavor is certainly present though a lot of apple comes through as well.  This isn’t a bad cider, a lot of better than the mass produced stuff but not quite up to artisan or specialty grade.  It’s worth a shot if you can find it in your area and into trying hard ciders.


Ayinger Urweisse

Ayinger Urweisse is a 5.8 ABV dunkelweizen from Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer KG / Brauerei Aying in Aying Germany.  The appearance is a cloudy yellow with a wheat spice and fruit nose, particularly banana.  The taste follows with those sweet wheat malts, banana fruit and sweet spice, particularly clove.  And also true to style not much of hop bitterness anywhere on the palate.  The mouthfeel is crisp and nicely carbonated but still well rounded.  This is a nearly perfectly executed import dunkelweizen.



Harvest Moon Four Screw

Harvest Moon Four Screw is a cider from the Harvest Moon Cidery on Critz Farms in Cazenovia, NY.  Four Screw is made with a blend of sweet and tart apples and sweetened with maple syrup.  Ciders are getting very popular but the market is dominated by the cheap and artificial pumped out by the large brewers.  This is real cider, crisp, refreshing and delicious.  And most importantly, fresh.  If you can find this in your area be sure to give it a try.



Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti is a Euro Pale Lager, 4.6 ABV and brewed in Italy under Heineken ownership.  This is a pretty standard EPL with a hazy golden appearance and small soapy head.  The nose and flavor is lightly grassy malt and noble hop though not bitter at all.  There wasn’t much of a Euro skunk on this one, however, and the drinking was clean, easy and crisp.  Not very noteworthy brew but another to check off the list.




Uinta Brewing Dubhe

Dubhe from Uinta Brewing (Utah) is a Black IPA, 9.2 ABV and 109 IBU and brewed with hemp. Appearance and nose are a deep ruby red, massive pillowy head and roasted chocolate. The flavor has those roasted chocolate malts and hemp with an oily hop bitterness. The finish is somewhat boozy with a nice lingering aftertaste. This is a big and complex black IPA and worth trying. Courtesy of Noel.


21st Amendment Back in Black

21st Amendment Back in Black is a 6.8 ABV 65 IBU black (IPA) ale.  The appearance is almost black and the nose spicy pine hops.  The taste is mostly roasty malt with a dark and spicy rye bread.  The finishing hops are very piney.  The mouthfeel and carbonation are both moderate and appropriate.  This isn’t a truly standout black IPA but it’s quite good, and canned for easy porting.  I’d recommend trying.  The can art is also pretty cool.

IMG_0356 IMG_0355

Uinta Yard Sale

Uinta Yard Sale Winter Lager is an American Amber / Red 22 IBU and 4 ABV.  The appearance is hazy amber and the nose toasty bready malts.  The flavor is decent enough with those biscuity caramel malts and slight bitter hop finish.  It’s drinkable and decent enough but not extremely memorable.  I’m still happy to grab any Uinta variety I haven’t tried.


Full Sail Session Black

Session Black is a 5.4 ABV 18 IBU schwarzbier from Full Sail Brewing.  True to style the appearance and nose are almost black with a brownish head with mildly roasted chocolate malts.  The flavor is also mildly roasty with those nice light schwarzbier characteristics including some chocolate and coffee.  This is a nice and sessionable schwarz, crisp, drinkable and at 5.4 ABV and 18 IBU very easy on the palate.  I’d highly recommend trying, especially if you want something darker during the warmer months.


Four Loko Uva Berry

Four Loko Uva Berry is a 12 ABV malt beverage.  The appearance and smell are all grape drink, uva meaning grape of course.  So the taste, well, ice cold it’s not that bad with only a weird less than pleasant aftertaste.  It’s actually kind of like an alcoholic version of good old purple stuff drink, like you find in the little grenade bottles.  After some research those are apparently called Little Hugs.  It’s Four Loko, you know what you’re getting yourself into with one of these.


Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale

Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale is 5.4 ABV, 30 IBU and (the one I have) is most likely brewed in the Central NY Budweiser facility.  The nose is very faint malt and pineapple hops and the flavor sweet malt turning to those floral pineapple hops.  This is certainly not aggressively malty or hoppy but it’s clean without being too watery.  The mouthfeel is light and sticky and the carbonation fairly low.  It’s not a standout whatsoever and I don’t need to try it again but it’s drinkable.