Troegs Hop Knife Harvest Ale

Troegs (Hershey, PA) Hop Knife Harvest Ale is an AIPA, 6.2 ABV and 87 IBU.  The appearance is coppery and the nose really fresh oily hop.  The flavoring is that nice sweet malt turning quickly to those fresh and pungent oily pine hops.  The hops really dominate the palate but in a very nice way, and include Chinook, Cascade and El Dorado, giving to the pine taste.  This is a real standout AIPA and works well as the weather turns to fall, I’ll be sure to find this one again.


Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale

Peak Organic Nut (English) Brown Ale is 4.7 ABV and 21 IBU.  The appearance is translucent brown with a lightly nutty roasty nose.  The flavor is similar with those English brown ale nut and roast characteristics.  The hop finish is mildly bitter.  The mouthfeel is overall light and carbonated but crisp enough.  It’s smooth and serviceable but just okay, not much of a standout.  Peak brewing is dedicated to using fresh and local ingredients.


Saranac Wild Hop Pils

Saranac Wild Hops (German) Pils is 5.2% ABV and 28 IBU.  The appearance is light orange and the nose grass and fruit.  The taste is very pleasant and a nice representation of a German pils.  All throughout is a sweet, earthy bitter that remains drinkable and crisp like a good pils should be.  The addition of the Belma hops make this a unique pils, indeed the bitter hop character makes this a standout.  Really nice offering from Saranac that never quite reaches top tier level.


Lagunitas DayTime Ale

Lagunitas DayTime Ale is a 4.65% ABV 54.2 IBU AIPA.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose strong hope pine.  The flavor follows, a great mellow malt sweetness and fresh oily pine hop.  This is really great session drinking beer, full of flavor but light enough to keep you going.  The resiny hop is really very fresh and the mouthfeel well rounded but light and crisp.  Outstanding offering from Lagunitas and highly recommended.


Ommegang Glimmerglass

Ommegang Glimmerglass a 5.4% ABV Saison and so named after the body of water in Cooperstown as described by James Fenimore Cooper.  The appearance is hazy yellow with a massive head and a fruit spice and Belgian yeast nose.  The flavor follows with bright fruits, specifically pear, apple and maybe apricot, Belgian yeast and spice.  The texture is a little thick but finishes clean and crisp.  This is another great offering from Ommegang that has yet to disappoint.


Wild Blue Lager

Wild Blue Lager (8% ABV) is a fruit / veg beer from Anheuser Busch though you’d be hard pressed to find that readily apparent.  I’ve never seen a beer pour like this, it looks like wine with a weird red colored head.  It’s just all too syrup sweet and artificial and drinks like one of those fruity malt beverages.  There is no beer like malt backbone or hop presence anywhere.  At first and freezing cold it was drinkable but let it warm up at all and it’s terrible, I can’t even finish.  The labeling seems like a bit of a bait and switch by AB to me.


Sam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager

Sam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager is a 5.5% ABV Fruit / Veg.  The appearance is golden amber with a thin head and the nose malty with those blueberry notes.  I figure this one is going to be mostly subjective but I wasn’t a big fan at all. I felt the blueberry flavoring could have been a bit brighter and fresher.  But perhaps for me blueberry just doesn’t lend itself to beer very well.  Sam Adams typically makes a solid beer so I can’t really question the quality of the ingredients too much.  It’s worth trying one for yourself.




Tecate from Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Mexico is a 4.5 ABV American Adjunct.  The pour and nose are hazy gold and grainy water, typical for these adjuncts lagers.  A very small head settled to a thin film very quickly.  The taste is much the same, watery and corn grainy and just a little off-putting.  Tecate falls towards the lower rung of these adjunct lagers but in no way is it the worst.  Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma makes Bohemia and Dos Sequis and while those are still macro beers they are way better.


Peak Organic IPA

Peak Organic IPA out of Portland Maine is a 7.2% ABV 76 IBU AIPA.  The appearance is bubbly golden orange and the nose fresh oily citrus hop.  The sweet malt turns into that hoppy bitterness as expected.  For me the hop taste had a very resiny pine sap heavy character.  The mouthfeel is a bitter thicker and heavier but not unexpected given the higher IBU and ABV values.  It was a solid beer but for some reason I wasn’t super into it and would like to find another bottle.


Flying Dog Easy IPA

Flying Dog Easy IPA is a 4.7 ABV 50 IBU AIPA.  Appearance and nose were standard AIPA, golden amber, with a hoppy citrus nose.  The taste also follows with the nice sweet malt backbone and hoppy bitterness towards the end.  4.7 / 50 is a nice place for a hoppy but easy drinking IPA.  This isn’t meant to be a heavy and robust AIPA, but a light and sessionable one, made obvious by the name.  It might not be a super standout but it’s a good beer and Flying Dog continues to be a solid brewery.  Would work well at any warm weather outdoor gathering.