Long Trail Harvest

Long Trail Harvest is a 4.4 ABV 13 IBU English Brown.  The appearance is deep amber and the nose nutty sweet.  The palate is very nutty as well, with a dry lightly bitter finish.  The maple syrup gives a nice sweetness throughout.  The mouthfeel is light and crisp but well rounded.  This is something Long Trail does well and a great compliment to New England in the fall.  This is a great seasonal and one I’d highly recommend.


Saranac Clouded Dream

Saranac Clouded Dream (7.3 abv) is an unfiltered Belgian IPA brewed with Two-Row barley, wheat and oats.  The appearance is orange and the nose Belgian yeast and coriander spice.  The palate starts bready and ends with a nice hop bitterness.  The wheat and oats give to a complex and well rounded mouthfeel with that coriander spice livening things up.  I always temper my expectations with Saranac but this is solidly good and a nice part of their High Peaks series.  I’d say give it a try.


Southern Tier Porter

Southern Tier’s Porter is 5.8 ABV and pours a deep dark amber with little head and a roasted chocolate coffee nose.  The palate is your typical porter with those nice roasted malt notes, mainly that chocolate and coffee.  Once this warms up the palate really sweetens.  The abv is low but it’s still fairly creamy even with a lighter well carbonated mouthfeel.  The finish is also really crisp and dry.  If you like Porters Souther Tier’s offering will not disappoint.


Joseph James Hop Box

Hop Box from Joseph James (NV) is a 9.7 ABV 90 IBU ADIPA.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose booze and herbal hop.  Sweet boozy malts dominate the taste overwhelming the bitter hop finish.  The heavier mouthfeel and carbonation give to a nice creamy palate, especially as it warms.  At just under 10 ABV it’s quite the boozy malt bomb, this one is no joke.  Unfortunately that sweet boozyness overpowers any potential finer nuances.  Nonetheless I’d say it’s worth a try, it’s a one and done, not a session beer.


Moat Mountain Iron Mike Pale Ale

Moat Mountain Iron Mike (5.6 ABV) is an APA from Moat Mountain NH.  The appearance is amber with a thin head and pine hop nose.  The palate is biscuity malt well balanced with the floral pine hop with some spicy notes throughout.   This is a sessionable pale ale with a moderate mouthfeel and carbonation and modest abv/ibu level.  I definitely appreciated the full pint can and would not have minded another.  Definitely a solid pale ale.


Southern Tier Harvest Ale

Southern Tier’s Harvest Ale is an Extra Special / Strong Bitter and 6.7 ABV.  The appearance is dark copper and the nose biscuity malt.  The palate is similar with that biscuit malt and caramel sweetness finishing bitter and earthy.  The mouthfeel and carbonation are both moderate.  This is a nice offering from a solid brewery and I’m always down for one in the fall.  Definitely make this one of your seasonal beers if you have STB distribution.


Fort Collins Major Tom’s

Fort Collins Major Tom’s is a pomegranate witbier and 4.8 ABV.  The appearance is hazy bubbly gold and the nose wheat with notes of pomegranate.  The pomegranate is on the palate but it’s light and comes along with those tart wheat notes.  It’s an easy to drink wheat with only a touch of that fruit flavor so while it’s drinkable it’s nothing noteworthy or outstanding.  Not much more to say about Major Tom’s, it’s just fine but I wouldn’t seek this out again.  Good to try one.


Bell in Hand Ale

Bell in Hand Ale is an American Amber / Red made by Sam Adams exclusively for Boston’s Bell in Hand Tavern, purported to be the nation’s oldest tavern.  The appearance is a deep amber and the nose caramel malt.  The palate is your basic red and well balanced, with a good sweet malt and bitter hop finish.  If you’re doing the tourist thing in Boston or just want some good patriotic drinking it’s a must try.  The Bell in Hand is a great historic spot despite looking like it has been extensively updated, though of course this is better than leaving it to degrade.


Beer Camp Tater Ridge

Tater Ridge is a Scotch Ale Sierra Nevada Asheville collab at 7 ABV and 35 IBU.  The appearance is deep copper and the nose dark fruit and caramel malt.  The taste has that sweet malt and dark fruit along with a definite sweet potato note.  The mouthfeel is a bit thick and the carbonation low, making Tater Ridge nice for sipping, especially as it warms.  This was a nice addition to the Beer Camp series.


Beer Camp Torpedo Pilsner

Torpedo from Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker is a 45 IBU 5.2 ABV Czech Pilsner.  The appearance is light yellow and the nose grassy citrus.  The palate is grassy, bready malt and citrus.  The mouthfeel and carbonation are cris[ moderate and make for easy sessionable drinking.  Firestone is a top notch brewery and this is a more than serviceable pils.  It’s a nice addition to the beer camp lineup but falls short of being truly memorable.