21st Amendment Brew Free or Die

Brew Free or Die (A)IPA from 21st Amendment is 7 ABV and 70 IBU.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose pine floral hop.  The palate is your standard sweet malt / bitter hop AIPA balance.  The cascade, centennial and columbus hops give to a floral, pine and citrus west coast hop profile.  The mouthfeel is moderate and smooth and finishes dry.  It’s a big and tasty AIPA especially for a canned beer but at this point you really need to excel stand out from the pack.


Middle Ages Wizard’s Winter Ale

Wizard’s Winter Ale from Middle Ages is a 6.3 ABV English Strong Ale.  The appearance is copper and the nose sweet fruit esters.  The profile is similar, fruit esters with a long and dry buttery finish.  The mouthfeel is velvety smooth with some butterscotch creaminess.  Even at 6.3 the alcohol is becomes more and more present as it warms.  It’s interesting and decent but could use a little more punch, I’d nonetheless recommend trying this.




Middle Ages Beast

Beast from Middle Ages is a 5.3 ABV ESB.  The appearance is amber with a big pillowy head and the nose grain and subtle fruit.  Beast starts biscuity with sweet caramel malt and finishes lightly bitter.  Throughout are notes of light fruit including peach and apple.  This is a really good application of the English style Ringwood yeast.  Mouthfeel is moderate and carbonation edges heavier.  Middle Ages continues to be interesting and Beast is a highlight of the bunch.


Magic Hat Snow Roller

Snow Roller from Magic Hat is a 6.2 ABV American Brown Ale.  The appearance is amber and the nose nutty sweet.  The flavor is hazelnut and sweet toffee malt with a bitter hop finish.  Mouthfeel is moderate and crisp but has a bit of a creaminess from the sweet character.  Objectively speaking Snow Roller is remarkably average, however, I’m very much enjoying this.  Magic Hat is a brewery that never seems to reach top tier but this is a highlight.  I definitely recommend.


Middle Ages Kilt Tilter

Kilt Tilter from Middle Ages is a 9 ABV Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy.  The appearance is dark red with a thin head and the nose dark fruit and molasses.  The flavor is malty caramel with those dark fruit flavors finishing sweetly bitter.  Throughout are toasted notes and streaks of booze.  The mouthfeel is creamy but bordering on thin for the style.  You expect it to be a little more filling but it’s still nice to sip on.   Definitely worth trying.


Middle Ages Impaled Ale

Middle Ages Impaled (English Imperial Pale) Ale is 6.5 ABV and pours a bubbly orange with a pineapple hop nose.  The flavor has those bitter pineapple hops with a sweet malty backbone.  Throughout are notes of caramel, bread and butter.  The mouthfeel is fairly big but it remains drinkable.  Middle Ages uses that British style Ringwood yeast giving all their beers a different palate than I am accustomed to.  Definitely worth trying.


Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Lagunitas Imperial (Russian) Stout is 9.9 ABV and 72.45 IBU.  The appearance is near black with a thin head, the nose sweet and malty.  The immediate flavor is bitter roasted malt and dark fruit, namely raisins, dates and prunes.  The finish is really quite sweet.  Overall mouthfeel is velvety and complex  but fairly well carbonated.  The sweetness starts to reveal the abv but it’s still remarkably drinkable.  Do yourself a favor and slow it down, it actually mellows out and becomes fantastic.


Middles Ages Duke of Winship

Duke of Winship from Middles Ages is a 6.5 ABV English Porter but labeled as a “Scotch Porter.”  The appearance is dark brown and the nose roast malt and dark fruit.  The flavor has those roasted chocolate malt porter notes with a bitter dark fruit finish, reminiscent of a Scotch Ale.  IMO, if you want to invoke a Scotch Ale I want something more robust, this finishes a bit light.  This can be interpreted as a stronger porter but also a weak Scotch Ale.  That being said it’s good overall and worth having.


Middle Ages Grail Ale

Middle Ages Grail Ale is an American Amber Red and 5 ABV.  The appearance is bubbly copper and the nose fruity caramel malts.  The taste starts out your basic amber caramel malt and ends bitter and nutty.  A buttery note is more and more present on the finish and aftertaste as it warms and you continue drinking.  The mouthfeel is crisp but it’s a bit heavy on carbonation, conflicting with that buttery character.  Overall it’s fairly interesting representation of a popular style.



Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Best (English) Brown Ale is 5.8 ABV and pours a translucent amber with a nutty dark fruit nose.  The taste profile is sweet and nutty with those dark fruit notes and a bitter dry finish.  The body is fairly creamy and rich but very easy to drink.  It might not be anything outside of the box but Bell’s continues to be consistent, you won’t be disappointed.