Upstate IPW

Upstate IPW (India Pale Wheat) or AIPA depending how you classify, is 6.5 ABV and pours a rich amber with a large head.  The nose is bready and full of fresh resinous citrus.  The palate is fruity and tropical with a clear wheat texture and the finish bitter hop.  Mouthfeel is pleasant and smooth.  This is a very successful style hybrid, recommended.  Courtesy of Tbone.



Boatswain American IPA

Boatswain American IPA (Minhas) is 6.7 ABV and pours orange amber.  The nose is bready and mildly hoppy which leads into the taste, grainy sweet malts, with that mild hop finish.  A definite streak of raw alcohol runs throughout the palate.  This Boatswain variety, also brewed for Trader Joe’s, is of the more unsuccessful.  It’s not undrinkable by any means but even at the low price it’s not recommendable.  Not all that good.


Victory Headwaters

Victory Headwaters is a 5.1 ABV APA.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose sweet malt and citrus hop.  The palate is your standard pale ale malt and hop balance.  There is nothing out of the box here but the mouthfeel, carbonation, and malt hop balance are spot on.  I’ve only seen this at World of Beers which is too bad because I could see this being a very go to session pale ale.  Definitely recommended.


Founders Dissenter

Founders Dissenter is an 8.7 ABV 70 IBU ADIP.  The appearance is golden and the nose malt grain and citrus.  The palate is crisp malt and piney citrus hop in a nice balance.  This is a good example of a hoppy imperial pilsner, a lager style as opposed to an ale.  I’m a bit at odds with these hoppy lagers, however, Founders is top notch brewery and pulls it off well.  It’s worth trying.  Found at a World of Beer location.


Sam Adams Rebel Rouser

Sam Adams Rebel Rouser is an ADIIPA, 8.4 ABV and 85 IBU.  The appearance is orange amber with a fruity tropical hop nose.  The flavor is malty sweet and hoppy and while it’s balanced the flavors don’t seem to work great.  The malts come off a bit too sweet and the hops just overly bitter.  8.4 ABV and 85 IBU isn’t out of bounds for a big ADIIPA but it gets a bit out of hand.  This is probably worth trying but I can’t say I am a big fan.  Sam Adams is a solid brewery but not one I go to for big west coast style hop bombs.



Rogue Nation Brutal IPA

Rogue Nation Brutal (A)IPA is 5.8 ABV and 46 IBU.  The appearance is hazy orange and the nose fresh pineapple citrus following into the taste.  The mouthfeel is moderate but a little bit low on carbonation and at this abv and ibu it’s sessionable and refreshing.  This is billed as the “Official Beer of Rogue Nation” and combines Oregon hop and English malts.  Brutal is top notch and nothing short of what would be expected out of Rogue.


Bières de Chimay Tripel

Chimay’s Tripel (white) is 8 ABV and pours cloudy unfiltered orange.  The nose and taste are Belgian yeast, fruity sweet, and spicy finishing crisp and dry with a mild bitter hop.  Mouthfeel and texture is moderate and the alcohol pleasant and warming.  This is my last of the 3 major Chimay brews and while I preferred the Grand Reserve (blue) they are all excellent and classics every enthusiast has to try.


Stone Enjoy by 2.14.15

Stone’s latest Enjoy By ADIIPA is 9.4 ABV and 88 IBU.  The appearance is bright orange and the nose oily pine hop.  The malts and hops are just as well balanced and delicious as the 4.20.14.  The hops are pungent, oily and fresh, as you’re encouraged to have this shortly after it’s born on date.  This is a great beer by Stone and I’ll always pick up the latest incarnation.  Definitely recommended.


Cold Spring John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale

Cold Spring John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale is a 9.1 ABV American Strong Ale.  Appearance is black with a thin head and sweet oak bourbon and dark fruit nose.  The flavor follows, oak, vanilla, bourbon, licorice and dark fruits with notes of chocolate.  Mouthfeel is a bit thick given the low carbonation.  This is an interesting undertaking with the bourbon wood chip infusion and while I applaud the effort I can only given the execution a B+.    Worth trying even if not outstanding.


Rhinelander Boatswain Double IPA Twin Screw Steamer

Double IPA Twin Screw Steamer is from the Boatswain line brewed by Rhinelander for Trader Joe’s.  The ABV is 8.4 and the IBU 75.  Appearance is light orange and the nose sweet malt and hop.  The palate is really basic IPA with a decent balance of sweet malts and bitter hops and a clean dry finish.  Reviews aren’t so good so my expectations were low.  It’s not great but it’s drinkable and probably worth the really low price.  This was my second Boatswain and given my middling expectations I wasn’t disappointed.  However, unless you’re really buying on a budget or just a completist like me you can skip.