Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA

Stone’s Japanese Green Tea (ADI)IPA is 10.1% and pours a bright orange with a pine hop and green tea nose.   The palate is sweet malt nicely balanced with bitter pine hop.  The addition of the green tea adds to the vegetal, herbaceous nature of the hops and adds another dimension to the aroma.  The mouthfeel and texture are moderate and creamy and that 10.1 abv is warming but so well hidden.  Stone first brewed this in 2011 using a NZ Pacifica Hop, this 2015 version replaces that with a Helga hop from Australia.  Very glad to have found this.


Einstök Ölgerð Icelandic Toasted Porter

Einstök Ölgerð Icelandic Toasted (American) Porter is 6 ABV and pours a deep dark brown.  The nose is toasted malt, which leads into the taste and finishing moderately bitter with some notes of chocolate throughout.  The mouthfeel components are all moderate and the only slight down note is a touch of metal on the finish.  It’s a decent Porter if only Icelandic by name.  There is some associated cache as with the Icelandic Pale Ale I had, bringing me back to time spent in Akureyri, Iceland.  And while I don’t typically care about labels this one is greatly designed.


Rogue Mocha Porter

Rogue Mocha (American Porter) is 5.3 ABV and pours opaque brown.  The nose is bitter cocoa and coffee which leads into the taste, skewing a bit more to the roasted coffee with the cocoa backup.  The mouthfeel, texture and carbonation are all moderate and the finish pleasantly hoppy.  Rogue’s Mocha Porter is very pleasant and drinkable, definitely up to their usual quality.


Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Red

Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Red is an 8 ABV Fruit / Veg.  The appearance is red with a light red head and the nose cherry and Belgian yeast.  The flavor follows, sharp sour cherry over a bready, Belgian yeast base.  The mouthfeel is moderate but the carbonation a bit lower.  This one is interesting, that sour black cherry can’t help but remind you of a lozenge or cough syrup although it’s kept just north of overbearing.  The entire Delirium series is worth trying.


Adirondack Dirty Blonde Pale Ale

Adirondack Dirty Blonde Pale (Wheat) Ale is 4.6 ABV and pours hazy orange.  The nose is mostly citrus which leads into the taste along with notes of spice and grass and finishing lightly bitter.  The light mouthfeel, texture and carbonation give to a crisp and thin body.  The overwhelming citrus bite isn’t a great factor.  It’s decent but nothing too recommendable.


Allagash Saison

Allagash Saison is 6.1 ABV and pours a hazy yellow.  The nose and taste are Belgian yeast, pepper spice, and some citrus finishing without much bitterness.  Ingredients include rye, oats, candi sugar and a hop package including Tettnang, Brave and Cascade.  Mouthfeel, texture and carbonation are all light to moderate with decent depth.  I’ll give Allagash’s Saison a solid B+ I’ve had better of the variety (which are everywhere this time of year) and better from Allagash.


Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk from Keegan Ales is a 6 ABV Milk / Sweet Stout.  The appearance is black with a roasty lactose nose.  The flavor is all sweet stout, lactose rich, roasted cocoa and coffee notes, finishing with light bitterness.  The texture is creamy but fairly well carbonated.  This is a really drinkable and sessionable stout yet still shows nice depth and mouthfeel.  It’s recommended though nothing extraordinary, could be a great go-to for the style.


Great Lakes Blackout Stout

Blackout (Russian) Imperial Stout from Great Lakes is 50 IBU and 9 ABV.  The appearance is almost black with a large head and the nose sweet boozy malt.  The flavor follows, sweet boozy malts, dark fruit and hints of roasted cocoa.  The finish is long, bittersweet and boozy and the mouthfeel creamy but still quite drinkable.  Blackout was brewed in remembrance of the 2003 Northeast Blackout.  Great Lakes is top notch and absolutely nails this big Russian Stout, a variety I’m always excited to have.  Falls just shy of being an A+ but still one I’d recommend.


Ommegang Adoration

Ommegang Adoration is a 10 ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  The appearance is bubbly and brownish and the nose sweet malts and dark fruit. The flavor follows, sweet malts with dark fruit and spice notes throughout.  The mouthfeel, carbonation and texture are all fairly moderate and crisp for the alcohol level, making it quite drinkable.  That alcohol is present and warming but it works really well.  Ommegang calls this a dark winter ale and while I definitely missed it during the winter I still enjoyed Adoration.  Definitely up to Ommegang quality.


Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum

Delirium Nocturnum from Brouwerij Huyghe is an 8.5 ABV Belgian Strong Dark.  The appearance is dark ruby with a huge pillowy head and the nose Belgian yeast and sweet fruit.  The palate is sweet fruits and a bit musty and yeasty.  The overall mouthfeel texture and carbonation are lower to moderate.  The warm boozy notes enhance as it warms in a very pleasant way so make sure to take your time with it.  It’s a classic one and a must try for any enthusiast.