Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny

Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny is a 7 ABV Farmhouse / Saison.  The appearance is hazy orange with intricate lacing and the nose herbaceous and earthy spice.  The flavor follows, strongly herbaceous and herbal with those peppery Saison spice notes.  The finish is long earthy and grassy bitterness.  Texture and mouthfeel are crisp yet full bodied and creamy.  Really nice example of the style, I can’t readily find Evil Twin but I’m always glad when I can pick one up.


Black Isle Organic Oatmeal Stout

Black Isle (Scotland) Organic Oatmeal Stout is 7 ABV.  The appearance is virtually black and the nose mostly licorice and boozy dark fruit.  The palate is strong on that licorice and dark boozy fruit with hints of roasted cocoa and coffee.  A general smokiness is present throughout and the finish bittersweet.  The mouthfeel is moderate but creamy and sticky on the tongue.  Not outstanding but very good, nice import.


Sixpoint Jammer

Sixpoint Jammer is a 4.2 ABV Gose.  The appearance is light translucent yellow and the nose malt and spice with sea salt.  The palate is light and crisp and starts lemony ending spicy with that mild sea salt.  The sour / salt aspects of a Gose are present but subtle.  I was excited to find another Gose after Westbrook’s offering but this one falls a bit short in comparison.  Sixpoint is a solid brewery but I would have preferred the sour and salty characteristics to be turned up some notches.  Good, not great.


Thumpkeg Agave Amber Ale

Thumpkeg Agave Amber Ale is 5.8 ABV and pours a rich amber.  The nose is sweet caramel malt which leads into the taste, finishing bittersweet.  This is brewed in collaboration with Peligroso, a Tequila distillery, and given “essence of Agave” whatever that means.  The flavor is a bit sickly sweet though I’m hard pressed to identify the Agave.  According to some internet digging Thumpkeg is owned by Latrobe, which is owned by AB and therefore InBev, so this does indeed seem to have macro corporate overlords.  It’s not a drain pour by any means but not all that good, skippable.


Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2015: Hoppy Lager

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2015: Hoppy Lager is a 7 ABV 55 IBU ADI Pilsener.  The appearance is golden and the nose sweet malt and floral hop.  The flavor profile is similar, bready malts turning quickly to floral citrus hop.  The mouthfeel remains light enough to remind you that you’re still drinking a lager.  Hopped up lagers are ever more popular and while they aren’t going to be my favorite Sierra Nevada is a solid brewery that can absolutely nail the execution.  Definitely one to try.



Duff’s Microbrew

Duff’s Microbrew is a 4.5 American Amber / Red brewed by CB Breweries for Duff’s restaurant.  Every attribute is your basic amber and a nice choice for Duff’s house micro.  Overall it’s made well by a fine brewery but appropriately muted and works well to keep the spotlight on those Duff’s wings.  If you are going to be at Duff’s and want a beer it’s a no-brainer.


Anadolu Efes German Pilsener

Anadolu Efes (Turkey) German Pilsener is 5 ABV and pours a bubbly light orange.  The nose and flavoring is bready with a crisp floral hop.  The body is light and crisp and finishes clean and dry.  Efes Pilsener is a decent if unexciting Euro style Pils and is probably the only Turkish beer I’ve had.  Maybe not a stellar beer of the month selection but one I’d never be able to find otherwise.


Southern Tier Tangier

Southern Tier Tangier is a 4.6 ABV AIPA.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose grass and citrus.  The flavor is basically AIPA with a malt and tangerine pineapple hop.  The Azacca hop adds to the tropical fruit characteristics of the palate and the mouthfeel is crisp and drinkable.  It’s solidly very good but I wanted it to be better, given how STC invokes the grand history and culture of Tangier.


Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye

Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye is a 6 ABV rye beer.  The appearance is honey orange and the nose citrus and rye.  The flavor is malty citrus turning to light rye spice.  The mouthfeel carbonation and texture are all moderate and crisp and very well drinkable, whereas some rye beers tend to get fairly heavy.  It’s really good and fits spring time well, Bell’s is a solid brewery.  That being said I have no reason to seek this out again.


Souther Tier Ration Breakfast

Southern Tier’s Breakfast is 4.8 ABV and part of their C-Ration series featuring the Cascade hop.  The appearance is bubbly amber and the nose light herbal citrus.  The flavor follows, sweet malt and citrusy pineapple hop.  The mouthfeel carbonation and texture are all moderate and crisp and well drinkable.  Breakfast showcases the Cascade hop well but not in any kind of thrilling way.  Overall it’s fine, nicely sessionable.  I’m down for trying each of the three C-Ration varieties.