Shipyard Summer Ale

Shipyard Summer Ale is a 4.8 ABV American Pale Wheat.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose light citrus and bread.  The flavor follows, light bready malts, some citrus, not much in the way of a hop bitterness or spice or anything particularly nuanced.  The mouthfeel, texture and carbonation are all moderate and at 4.8% it’s the very definition of sessionable.  I was a bit disappointed, Shipyard is an old favorite of mine but this falls short.  It’s not undrinkable but really nothing here to recommend.


Abita Wrought Iron IPA

Abita Wrought Iron (A)IPA is 6.9 ABV and 80 IBU.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose fruity hop.  The flavor is sweet malt leading into those fruity hops and though nicely balanced it slightly favors the hop end.  The mouthfeel and texture are all moderate and crisp.  The Apollo, Mosaic and Equinox hop package lends to the tropical fruit characteristics.  Very nice one from Abita, definitely recommended even if not one that’s going to stand out remarkably.


Lagunitas Fusion XXXI Mozango

Fusion XXXI Mozango from Lagunitas is a 9 ABV ADIIPA.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose malt and pine hop.  The flavor is sweet malt balanced well with the piney, resinous mosaic hop, further enhanced by the mango.  Peppery notes are present throughout the palate and mouthfeel is moderate and creamy.  It’s not ideal to snap a photo in a crowded bar and do a review but I don’t think this is or will be available bottled.


Greene King / Morland Brewery The King’s English

The King’s English (English) IPA from Greene King / Morland brewery is 6 ABV.  The appearancei s golden orange and the nose nutty and malty with some hop.  The flavor follows, sweet malts, nutty, finishing with a dry clean bitterness.  The mouthfeel and texture are moderate and the carbonation lively.  Overall it’s a decent Engilsh IPA that grew on me a I kept drinking it but started getting a bit too sweet as it warmed.  Not bad, I think I found it at Trader Joe’s.  Won’t need to find it again.


Pennsylvania Brewing Penn Dark

Pennsylvania Brewing Penn Dark is a 5 ABV Munich Dunkel Lager.  The appearance is light cola brown and bubbly and the nose caramel sweet.  The flavor profile is sweet caramel malt and a bit bready finishing dry.  This is what a good lager should be, a great flavor with the appropriately light lagery mouthfeel, texture and carbonation.  This was beer of the month club and I haven’t seen it elsewhere despite neighboring Pennsylvania.  If you can find it definitely try it.


Uinta Sum’r

Uinta Sum’r is a 4 ABV American Blonde Ale.  The appearance is hazy yellow and the nose light malt and grain.  The flavor follows, light malty grain, a little bready, finishing grassy and bitter with some fruit and spice notes throughout.  The mouthfeel is very light and the carbonation bubbly.   Blonde Ales can be pretty forgettable but Uinta can do a lot even with this typically mild variety of beer.  At 4 ABV it’s the very definition of sessionable.  A great one for easy warm weather drinking.


Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

Shipyard Blue Fin (Irish Dry) Stout is 4.7 ABV.  The appearance is virtually black with a mild roasty malt nose.  The flavor follows, roasted malt, some faint chocolate and coffee, with licorice notes throughout.  The overall mouthfeel and texture are mild and smooth but crisp enough.  At this abv it’s technically sessionable.  Maybe not my favorite to come out of Shipyard but solidly good and worth trying.


CB Georgia Peach

CB Craft Brewers Georgia Peach is a 5 ABV fruit / veg and pours a light transparent orange.  The nose is lightly fruity which leads into the taste, sweet and fruity with a bittersweet hop finish.  The mouthfeel, texture and carbonation are all moderate and crisp and easy to drink.  The peach flavoring is subtle, it comes across on the palate and aftertaste but only very lightly.  Very pleasant and easy drinking beer and appropriate for the season.  Nothing outstanding but it’s just fine.


21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat is a 4.9 ABV fruit / veg beer.   The appearance is pale yellow and the nose light watermelon.  The watermelon juice taste is strong on the palate but freshly so, and not in any overbearing way.  The mouthfeel and body are light and it’s clearly apparent it’s a wheat base.  I’m still on the fence with this one, the watermelon is a novelty flavor and it’s done well by 21st Amendment, I’m just not sure how much I’m coming around to it.  Interesting nonetheless and certainly worth trying.


Smith and Forge Hard Cider

Smith and Forge Hard Cider (6 ABV) is a MillerCoors product.  The appearance is orange and the nose all crisp apple.  The flavor is mostly sweet apple, not super fresh but not obnoxiously artificial either.  The alcohol level is actually fairly high for the taste.  It’s by far not the worst widely available corporately made cider, that being said, I didn’t even bother finishing the entire glass.