Lagunitas Doppel Sticky

Lagunitas Doppel Sticky is a 7.7 ABV 66 IBU Altbier.  The appearance is orange with a large head and the nose caramel, piney and floral.  The flavor is sweet and fruity quickly getting to the pine and resin hop one would expect from Lagunitas.  Overall mouthfeel is moderate and smooth.  It’s an altbier by name but you may be hard pressed to separate this from an AIPA.  Whatever it is it’s up to Lagunitas quality and easily recommendable.


Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout is a 5.7 ABV Chile Beer.  Appearance is virtually black and the nose roasted malt and sriracha.  The flavor follows, sriracha sauce layered on top of a stout.  Sriracha is an excellent hot sauce and it has risen to cult status so it’s not surprising to see it in the beer world, particularly  with Rogue.  Is it a novelty?  Of course.  However, it’s done nicely, the stout backdrop is executed perfectly so it’s something more than just a silly novelty.  Definitely a must try a in the beer geek world.


Epic Escape to Colorado IPA

Epic Brewing (Utah) Escape to Colorado (A)IPA is 6.2 ABV and 55 IBU.  Appearance is pale yellow and the nose fresh tropical hop.  The flavor basically follows, sweet malt and pineapple tangerine hop.  The mouthfeel carbonation and texture are all moderate to light and made for easy drinking.  It’s not a bad one but the palate doesn’t quite live up to the inviting fresh hop nose.  Great name, decent beer, but couldn’t help being slightly disappointed.  The bar is set so high for anything calling itself an IPA.


New Glarus Thumbprint Berliner Weiss

New Glarus Thumbprint Berliner Weiss is 3 ABV and pours a light pale orange.  The nose and taste are tart, lemony, and grainy without much hop presence.  Overall feel is crisp and clean with some wine like dryness.  This is a great example of the style and I’m regretting sharing this at a get-together.  Given how good this was and the lack of others of the style near to me I’d have found as big a case of this as I could in Wisconsin.  If you are within distribution and see this available don’t hesitate.


United Brands Dragon Joose

Dragon Joose from United Brands is a 9.99 ABV malt beverage.  A few years ago this would have included taurine and or guarine and all those lovely energy enhancement chemicals.  Dragon Joose is…alright, typical sweet and artificial grape.  Like many of these malt beverages they are modestly enjoyable when freezing cold but start to reveal the unpleasantness as they warm.  I shared the 23.5 OZ can, taking this down yourself can only lead to headaches and bad decisions.  I love the WE ID graphic right on the can.


Grimm Brothers Fearless Youth

Fearless Youth from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is a 5.2 ABV Munich Dunkel Lager.  Appearance is reddish brown and the nose sweet caramel malts and fruit.  The flavor follows, sweet malt, some breadyness, apples and pears, finishing with just a quick hop bitterness.  Overall mouthfeel is smooth and creamy.  It gets perhaps a bit cloying as it warms but the depth of flavor is their, especially for a lager.  I’m not a big lager drinker but it’s good.


Twisted Pine Ghostface Killah

Twisted Pine Ghostface Killah is a 5 ABV Chile Beer.  The appearance is yellowy with little head or lacing and the nose all pepper.  The flavor is just dominated by heat, so much so trying to discern malt or hop or any other beer characteristic is moot and pointless.  The peppers includes Anaheim, Fresno, jalapeño, serrano, habenero, and the ghost chile.  This is one of the hottest food items I’ve ever had let alone a beer and I’m glad I shared it, I couldn’t imagine having this all to myself.  But like any spicy food it’s oddly addicting.  Absolutely worth trying as a novelty.


Asher Organic Imperial Kolsch

Asher Organic Imperial Kolsch is 9 ABV and 45 IBU.  Appearance is orange and the nose and taste dominated by malty sweetness.  45 IBU isn’t low but being half the ABV rating it’s skewed way more to the malts.  That heavy booziness is in odds with the light crispness of what Kolsch usually is.  It’s interesting and that’s a big plus but I’m not sure it’s completely successful.  Either way glad to have tried it and be able to share it.



Tommyknocker Butthead

Tommyknocker Butthead Doppelbock is 8.2 ABV, 33 IBU and pours dark amber in color.  The nose and flavor are sweet malt and spice with some dark fruit notes and a mild hop presence on the finish.  The mouthfeel keeps that lager quality which is good but it gets overpowered by the sweet booze giving it a syrupy quality.  I appreciate the attempt at a souped up lager but it’s not my favorite thing.  Would have been a good one to share.


Greene King / Morland Old Speckled Hen

Greene King / Morland Old Speckled Hen is an Old Ale and 6.5 ABV.  Appearance is a clear amber and the nose sweet biscuit malts.  The flavor is mostly caramel toffee sweet with fruit and spice and some diacetly butteriness.  Overall mouthfeel is moderate and smooth.  Nice example of the style but the boozy sweetness grew to be a bit too strong.  Not bad but wouldn’t seek it out again.