Epic Big Bad Baptist

Epic Big Bad Baptist is an ADIS and based on the dates I believe mine was batch 56 and 11.9 ABV.  Appearance is virtually black and the nose coffee, chocolate, and oak.  The flavor follows, roasty chocolate and coffee with notes of vanilla and oak barrel.  Mouthfeel is syrupy but smooth with a slight warming alcohol and some slight char.  This is so well balanced, especially given how high the booze percentage is.  One of the best beers I’ve had all winter, I couldn’t do it much justice except to say I’m so glad I brought this back from out west, truly memorable.


Fate Uror Gose

Fate Uror Gose is 4.9 ABV and 10 IBU .  Appearance is yellowish with a lactic and hint of berry nose.  The flavor is lactic and salty as a Gose should be but those notes aren’t terribly strong.  The flavor actually fairs much better than the nose which came off as a bit unpleasant to me honestly, especially with that odd berry note.  The mouthfeel is light wheat malt and perfectly quaffable.  Overall it’s a decent beer, really liked the fact that the hops, malts, ABV and IBU are clearly marked on the can.


Brickway Brewery Hef

Brickway Brewery Hef(feweizen) is 5 ABV and pours hazy yellow. The nose is mostly wheat and banana.  The flavor follows, strong banana fruit notes, some sweetness, finishing without much bitterness.  Overall mouthfeel is smooth with a nice carbonation and has a wet quality.  It’s a decent little hefeweizen, think it was a beer of the month selection.  Not bad but not much to really rave about it.  The Brickway Brewery & Distillery is in Omaha, Nebraska.


Crazy Mountain Hookiebobb IPA

Crazy Mountain (Edwards, Colorad0) Hookiebobb (A)IPA is 6.7 ABV and an estimated 87 IBU.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose sweet malt and strong citrus fruit hop.  The flavor is sweet candi malt finishing with a big earthy fruit hop.  Overall mouthfeel is moderate and a little sticky.  Hookiebobb is drinkable enough but I can’t give it more than a B-, both the hops and malts come off a bit overpowering.  Given the wide range of available IPA’s this one can probably be skipped.


Southern Tier One Buffalo

Southern Tier One Buffalo is a 4.8 ABV Blonde Ale brewed in partnership with Pegula Sports and Buffalo Sports.  Appearance is golden and the nose grainy and bready.  The flavor profile is cereal malts turning to a quick herbal hop finish.  Mouthfeel is light and crisp though this has decent complexity for the style.  The marketing package states this is made with hops, malted barley, oats and wheat.  I’m good for a one and done but you could do much worse for piling down a bunch watching a game.


Central City Brewers Red Betty

Central City Brewers (British Colombia, Canada) Red Betty (English) IPA is 6.5 ABV and 80 IBU.  The appearance is reddish amber and the nose sweet malt and hop.  The flavor is sweet caramel malts finishing with a big dry hop bitterness.  The mouthfeel is creamy but drinkable enough.  This is clearly an English feeilng IPA with those sweet malts and dry finish.  It’s a good example of the style but I well favor the American IPA counterpart a lot more.  Not bad, decent beer of the month club offering.


Finkel & Garf IPA

Finkel & Garf (A)IPA is 6.5 ABV and 80 IBU.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose bright fresh citrus hop.  The flavor is sweet malt finishing with those big fresh fruity hops, slightly overpowering the malt in the overall balance.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy.  I was so excited for this one after the Oatmeal Milk Stout and I was certainly not disappointed.  If I knew how good this would be I’d have made sure to stop into the brewery out in Boulder.  Absolutely recommended if you can make it there or find it locally.


Finkel & Garf Oatmeal Milk Stout

Finkel & Garf Oatmeal Milk Stout is 5.5 ABV and 36 IBU.  Appearance is deep black and the nose cocoa and some coffee.  The flavor is roasty coffee and cocoa notes with some vanilla finishing with a creamy bittersweet.  Their is a slight bit of alcohol throughout that is very welcome.  This is a fantastic little milk stout with a serious depth of character yet great drinkability.  I appreciate the simple sticker on logo with clear stats.


New Glarus Thumbprint Apple Ale

New Glarus Thumbprint Apple Ale is a 4 ABV fruit / veg and not a cider, an important distinction as the popularity of ciders grows.  Appearance is standard orange amber and the nose fresh sweet apple.  The flavor follows, sweet apple juice and apple pie.  The malty richness of a beer is present though you really don’t get any of that admittedly low alcohol.  I prefer these compared to ciders as they are more malty and beer like and I’m so glad to have picked up a bunch of New Glarus in Wisconsin.


Alaskan Brewing Free Ride APA

Alaskan Brewing Free Ride APA is 5.3 ABV and 40 IBU and uses the big 3 west coast C hops.  Appearance is light orange and the nose malt and hop.  The flavor follows, mild sweet malt and bitter citrus hop potency in line with the ABV and IBU.  This sits somewhere between being sessionable and a bigger IPA which depending on mood is either a no man’s land or perfect in between.  Mouthfeel is moderate and average, not a bad beer but not nothing that’s going to be very memorable.