O’so Rusty Red

O’so (Wisconsin) Rusty (American Amber) Red is 6 ABV and 28 IBU.  Appearance is reddish and the nose light caramel malt.  The flavor is mild sweet caramel malt up front finishing with a mild bitterness.  Mouthfeel is a smidge above light.  Rusty Red is mediocre, with a less than robust palate, watery finish and maybe some diacetyl.  By no means is this a drain pour but I’m not too impressed, skippable for sure.


Paradox Skully Barrel #28

Paradox (Divide, CO) Skully Barrel #28 Sour (7.6% Wild Ale) is brewed with Cascara, the dried skin of a coffee cherry.  Appearance is murky brown with no head or lacing and the nose yeast, tart and fruity. The flavor follows, sour fruit, yeast, with spice.  I shared this one but selfishly I would have preferred to enjoy every inch of it on my own time.  This was really interesting, I rather enjoyed it and I look forward to trying more sours.


Brauerei Beck & Co Beck’s

Brauerei Beck & Co (InBev) Beck’s is a 5 ABV German Pils that has been bottled in St. Louis, MO since 2012.  This is a Winter 15/16 review as I’ve previously reviewed Beck’s and it fairs just as middling.  It does have the general impression of a German Pils, earthy straw cereal malts with a quick bite of hops towards the end.  Mouthfeel is thin.  Through corporatization and globalization Beck’s is a far cry from the original Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G. founded in 1873 by Lüder Rutenberg.  So it goes.


Brewery Rickoli Black Pline

Rickoli Black Pline Imperial Black IPA  is 9.8 ABV, 170 IBU and pours deep copper.  The nose and palate are rye spice with sweet malt and bitter hops on the finish, although I’m super dubious of a 170 IBU rating.  According to the bottling this was fermented with gluten but crafted to remove gluten though this “cannot be verified and this beer may contain gluten.”  Either way it’s good but it has an oddly thin finish that could be indicative of that gluten loss.  At this IBU and ABV it’s no slouch so either way very worth trying and a no-brainer for gluten free beer drinkers.



Harpoon Black IPA

Harpoon Black IPA or Black Ale is 7 ABV, 67 IBU and uses Chinook, Simcoe, Cascade, Citra and Ahtanum hops.  The appearance is dark ruby and the nose spicy hop.  The flavor is rye spicy barley malt finishing bittersweet.  Overall mouthfeel is moderate and crisp.  It’s a solid B, Harpoon is a decent brewery but for me never rises to top tier.  And what is with the uneven labeling?  Seems like a weird quality control issue.  It’s not something I’d get again, good for a beer of the month selection.


Fate Moirai

Fate Moirai is a 7.2 ABV 70 IBU AIPA and uses Chinook,Columbus, Cascade, Summit, Eldorado and  Amarillo hops.  The appearance is orange with a pillowy head and the nose bright citrus hop.  The flavor is sweet malt finishing with a strong citrus bitterness.  Mouthfeel is moderate and the carbonation lively.  This is a really nice IPA, maybe it won’t rise to top tier but I could see this being more than a one and done if I was within it’s local area.  It’s very tasty and refreshing.  Fate Brewing is in Boulder, Colorado.


Big Choice Brewing Disconnected Red

Disconnected Red from Big Choice Brewing is a 6.7 ABV 84.5 IBU Amber / Red.  The appearance is reddish and the nose sweet and hoppy.  It drinks like what it is, a very hopped up amber, with caramel malt turning to piney resinous hop.  I may just be desensitized to hoppiness by now but the bitterness seemed less than the prescribed IBU rating.  Mouthfeel has an initial big creaminess but their is something thin and watery towards the finish.  All around it’s solid and enjoyable but not going to stand out for me in any way after I’m done with it.


Great Divide Lasso

Great Divide Lasso is a 5 ABV 50 IBU AIPA.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose zesty citrus hop.  The flavor is your basic AIPA and well balanced enough, with sweet malt and a bitter tropical fruit hop finish.  Overall mouthfeel is crisp and easy but well rounded enough.  Lasso is a solid beer I’m just not sure where it fits in, the hops are Cascade, Centennial and Columbus so nothing innovative there.  Great Divide is a solid brewery so I don’t mean to be overly critical.  But at this point I’ve sampled so many IPA’s you really need to innovate or redefine excellence to standout.



High Hops Brewery The Power of Zeus

The Power of Zeus APA from High Hops brewery is 6.4 ABV and 69 IBU.  The appearance is hazy orange and the nose the big sweet pungent Zeus hop.  The flavor follows, sweet malt and pungent pine hops finishing very bittersweet.  Mouthfeel is creamy and moderate.  The ABV and IBU push the bounds for an APA but it’s a sweet spot as far as I’m concerned.   There is some back of the mouth and throat thickness that I could go either way on.  All in all a very decent APA, a solid B+ and easily recommendable.


Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard

Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard is an 11.2 ABV American Strong Ale that pours dark ruby, hops and IBU are “classified.”  The nose and palate are sweet caramel malts finishing with a strong piney resinous hop and notes of sugar and boozy dark fruit throughout.  Mouthfeel is a bit syrupy and sticky holding up the depth of flavor and abv.  DB is a classic big craft and seems readily available, I can pick this up at Costco’s anytime.  While abundance can take away cache it’s still a near elite level beer and easily recommended.