Ommegang Grains of Truth

Ommegang Grains of Truth Harvest Ale is a 5.8 ABV Biere de Garde.  The appearance is bubbly golden orange with a huge head and the nose bready and biscuity.  The flavor follows, earthy bread and biscuit sitting on top of that classic Ommegang funky yeast.  The finish is quick bite of bittersweet.  Overall it’s moderate but has sufficient enough depth of flavor and character.  It’s a solid B+ but I kind of wanted it to be a bit better.  Overall it’s still recommendable.


Genesee Brew House Black IPA

Genesee / Dundee Black IPA or Black Ale is 8 ABV.  The appearance is bubbly and almost opaque and the nose sweet caramel.  The flavor follows, strong caramel and honey turning bitter earthy as expected from the East Kent Goldings hop.  Mouthfeel is moderate and pretty drinkable.  The alcohol is well hidden, I’ll chalk that up to a plus, but it has some diacetyl effect as well.  Overall it’s fair, definitely forgettable and skippable.


Henry’s Hard Soda Ginger Ale

Henry’s Hard Soda Ginger Ale is a Miller Coors product and 4.2 ABV.  The appearance is light and bubbly and the nose light ginger.  The flavor is a basic ginger ale like soda with a touch of booze.  Overall it’s thin, watery and bubbly.  I don’t know if MillerCoors will have success with this hard soda, probably trying to piggyback on the hard root beer bandwagon.  I suspect it will have middling success but nothing like the staying power of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade for example.  It’s worth trying I suppose but nothing I’d ever get again.  There are actually some really good ginger beers on the market.


Stone & Sierra Nevada NxS

NxS ADIIPA, 8.25 ABV and 70 IBU is a Stone / Sierra Nevada collab using gin infused and rye infused bourbon barrel batches with a third fresh IPA portion in the blend.  The nose and palate are fresh and herbaceous hop and sweet malt with those layers of boozy complexity underneath.  The middling ABV level and the moderate crispy mouthfeel make this ultimately drinkable.  It’s a wonderful collaboration and one to have for any craft beer enthusiast.


Peak Organic Fall Summit Ale

Peak Organic Fall Summit (Amber) Ale is 5.7 ABV, 64 IBU and pours clear reddish brown.  The nose is earthy caramel malt, leading into the taste, caramel amber malt, finishing mildly bitter with earthiness throughout.  This is a decent little brew here even if not outstanding, with a very moderate and drinkable mouthfeel and only the slightest touch of wateriness.  Overall it feels super clean and pleasant.  So maybe nothing I’d get again but solidly decent.


Magic Hat Electric Peel

Magic Hat Electric Peel is a 6 ABV, 65 IBU AIPA using pale and carapils malt and  apollo, centennial and chinook hops, yeast is English.  Appearance is light hazy orange and the nose bitter citrus and grassy.  The flavor isn’t very balanced, something isn’t quite working.  It’s way too much grapefruit peel instead of juice or zest, think of chewing on the bitter white inside part of the skin.  Mouthfeel is light and moderate.  Seems like a bit of a misstep even though it’s not totally undrinkable.  Bit of a weird one here Magic Hat.

20160118_121434 (1)

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy is a 6 ABV 65 IBU AIPA.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose mild pine hop and malt.  The flavor follows, sweet malt in nice balance with pine hop, both on the lighter side.  The mouthfeel is a bit light, bubbly and watery but it lends to an overall drinkability.  There is something interesting about this one, I’m not sure if it’s very good technically speaking but something is appealing to me here.  Either way it’s worth a shot.  Twisted Pine is in Boulder, Colorado.

20160110_215444 (1)

Southern Tier Unearthly

This is a re-review (with old pic) of Southern Tier Unearthly, a 9.5 ABV 150ish IBU ADIIPA.  My older bottle perhaps enhanced the boozy malts while fading the hops.  The fresher one is definitely a hop bomb but it’s still very candi malt sweet forward, I can’t really recollect if it’s appreciably different.  All the other characteristics are the same  Either way I’m glad to have retried this with a fresh bottle.  It’s still a very good beer and easily recommended.



Rogue Yellow Snow

Rogue Yellow Snow is a 6.6 ABV 82 IBU AIPA with Cara Foam, Melanoiden, Dare™ & Risk™ Malts and Amarillo & Rogue Micro Hopyard Revolution Hops.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose sweet malt and oily hop.  The flavor follows, sweet malts finishing with a pungent oily pine hop, slightly favoring the hops.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy.   This is delicious and well executed, even if I wouldn’t mind another percent of booze in here.   Obvious recommendation.


Anchor Steam Our Special Ale 2015

Our Special Ale 2015 from Anchor Steam is a 5.5 ABV winter warmer, ingredients are secret.  The appearance is dark brown and the nose fruit and winter spice.  The flavor follows, sweet fruity and nutty malt with spice, namely nutmeg and cinnamon finishing with a touch of bitterness.  Mouthfeel is moderate and crisp.  This is year 41 for Our Special Ale and features the Deodar Ceda tree.  Overall it’s decent but once I saw the magnum size offering I knew it was coming with me to a New Year’s party.