Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven

Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven is a 7.2 ABV Dark Saison.  The appearance is deep copper and the nose sweet and spicy with some roast.  The flavor follows, sweet and spicy malt with some roasted notes finishing bittersweet, Belgian yeast is noticeable throughout.  Mouthfeel is crisp but has a creaminess.  This is another of the Game of Thrones brews and it’s a quite good one.  I’ve had this sitting for months now, I’m sure the sweet malts have only enhanced.  Glad to say the aging has treated it kindly but of course wouldn’t mind trying it fresh.


Samuel Adams Nitro White Ale

Samuel Adams Nitro White Ale is a 5.5 ABV  Witbier.  The appearance is orange with a creamy Nitro type head and the nose moderate spice.  The flavor is moderate earthy wheat malt with mild spice and finishing with a touch of bittersweet.  Overall feel is very creamy and smooth and quite pleasant to drink.  This is an interesting one, I don’t recall ever having a nitro can wheat and the result is fairly successful.  Sam Adams gets lost with the smaller craft brews but they rarely do something that disappoints.  Quite worth trying.



Sierra Nevada Otro Vez

Sierra Nevada Otro Vez is a 4.5 ABV Gose.  The nose is briny and vegetal and the appearance golden with a slight haze.  The flavor is definitely dominated by that tart Gose brine with vague citrus, which must be the prickly pear and cactus.  There are some yeasty earthy characteristics all throughout.  Appropriate to a Gose the overall feel is pleasant crisp.  I’ve had some decent Gose’s now, Otro Vez definitely falls in the middle of the pack.  Glad to give this a shot, recommended.


Birdland Bluebird

Birdland Bluebird Chocolate Blueberry (American) Porter is 5.5 ABV and pours dark brown almost black.  The nose is malty with roasted chocolate and heavily dominated by the blueberry.  The flavor follows, you get the roasted cocoa notes but that blueberry just dominates.  The blueberry doesn’t come off cheap or artificial but this just isn’t for me, and that’s probably just a subjective distinction.  I had one full one and wasn’t very into it and weeks later another half a can that fared the same.  Worth trying and some may really like this but not for me.


Woodstock Inn Brewery 4000 Footer IPA

Woodstock Inn Brewery 4000 Footer IPA is 6.5 ABV and pours orange amber with a massive frothy head.  The nose is sweet biscuity malt and herbal grassy hop.  Overall mouthfeel is very moderate.  I didn’t get too far into this one before I had to drain pour, unfortunately.  The flavor wasn’t severely bad but there was some definitel sourness on the palate and I just didn’t want to bother with the rest.  Maybe mine was bad?  The first clue was definitely the abundance of head.  I may try again but there is just so much out there to revisit a middle of the road IPA.


Brooklyn Defender IPA

Brooklyn Defender (A)IPA is 6.7 ABV and 72 IBU (unofficially) and pours deep ambery copper.  The nose is all pine citrus malt.  Flavor follows, sweet roasty malts with a piney citrus malt finish.  Overall mouthfeel is moderate and smooth.  This was brewed in collaboration with the NY Comic Con.  Defender utilizes an English as well as American hop and malt package giving this a more well-rounded deeper depth of character.  Very nice, glad to have tried this.