Sixpoint Puff

Sixpoint Puff is a 9.8 ABV 108 IBU ADIIPA and is described as Resin unfiltered with additional dry hop.  The pour is hazy orange and the nose tropical fruit.  The palate is sweet malt with those big resiny tropical hop notes.  Mouthfeel is thick and creamy and only enhanced by the booziness.  Puff is harsh but in a great and addicting way.  This is one I’d like to keep stocked when it’s fresh and available.


Fish Brewing Smaug Stout

Fish Brewing Smaug Stout, officially licensed by WB for a movie tie-in is an 8.5 ABV ADIS.  The pour is black and the nose roasty and boozy.  The flavor has those roasty cocoa and coffee notes finishing with a nice char and subtle habanero spice.  I can’t find a born on date so I’m guessing my bottle has aged a bit, which lends itself well to big stouts.  As much as I’d like these flavors turned up to 11 it makes sense this would be brewed to appeal to a wider audience.  Quite good.


Smuttynose Durty Mud Season

Smuttynose Durty Mud Season is an 8.4 ABV American Brown Ale and pours a dark chestnut brown.  The nose and taste are sweet and nutty with burnt earthy char notes finishing dry and bittersweet.  Essentially it’s a hopped up brown with every bit of that 8.4% on the palate.  I’m not sure where I am with this, the hoppiness is nice but it gets a bit syrupy as it warms.  Quite interesting.


Ommegang Great Beyond Double IPA

Ommegang Great Beyond ADIIPA is 8.8 ABV and 83 IBU.  Malts and hops include pilsner, Munich 20, Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic, Calypso, and Mandarina Bavaria, with flaked oats and dextrose.  Appearance is golden orange and the nose and taste a complex balance of sweet malt and resinous hop.  Mouthfeel is full-bodied and creamy.  The style may be atypical of Ommegang’s usual but the complexity and depth of flavor is not.


Abita Amber

Abita Amber is a 4.5 ABV 17 IBU Vienna Lager, this is technically a re-review as it’s been awhile and I picked this up without remembering I’ve had it.  The appearance is amber and the nose sweet caramel malt.  Palate is your basic caramel malt vienna lager with a bittersweet finish.  This was Abita’s first offering so while their is some history here it’s underwhelming, a very basic but nicely drinkable Vienna.


Elysian Space Dust

Elysian Space Dust (A)IPA is 8.2 ABV, 73 IBU and uses Great Western two-row, c-15, and Dextra-pils malts and Chinook, Citra and Amarillo hops.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose sweet malt and citrus hop.  Flavor follows, sweet and fruity candi malt with that nice pine citrus bitternes.  Mouthfeel is a bit sticky with a lively carbonation.  It’s an all-around excellent IPA even if it falls short (imo) of being spectacular, either way certainly one to try.


Small Town Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale

Small Town Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale is a 5.9 ABV herb/spice beer from Pabst.  The appearance is light gold and the nose and taste a mild ginger ale with a touch of well-hidden booze.  I added ice as per the bottle.  It’s your basic alco-soda, the ginger isn’t too aggressive, no back of the throat burn or anything.  It’s sweet and refreshing and pretty much nails what it’s trying to be, even if it’s not really a beer in any real sense.


Ommegang Gnomegang Blonde Ale

Ommegang Gnomegang Blonde Ale or, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, according to BA is 9.5 ABV and pours hazy orange.  The nose and taste are sweet and funky and Belgian finishing with a bittersweetness.  As this warmed that 9.5% really starts to assert itself but it stays quite nice.  It’s definitely in line with Ommegang’s wheelhouse, a funky Belgian with some depth and character.  Decent overall.


Bell’s Hopsoulution

Bell’s Hopsoulution is a 9 ABV ADIIPA.  The pour is orange amber and the nose sweet malt and pine hop.  The flavor follows, well balanced honey sweet malt turning to fresh pine bitter hop.  Overall mouthfeel and carbonation are moderate with the expected creaminess.  Hopsolution holds its own among any moderate to big double IPAs even if it edges a bit honey sweet for me.  The booze is present but not out of bounds for a 9 percenter.


Dogfish / Stone / Victory Saison Du Buff

Saison Du Buff is a 6.8 ABV Saison brewed in collaboration with Dogfish, Stone and Victory, this is the ’16 version.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose mostly herbal.  The palate is crisp sweet malt with the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme herbs on top, finishing with a mild bitter bite.  Overall mouthfeel is crisp and moderately carbonated.  Not a bad Saison, nice and refreshing.