Oskar Blues Beerito

Oskar Blues Beerito is a 4 ABV 21 IBU Vienna Lager.  The pour is copper and the nose sweet malt.  The flavor follows, bready and biscuity sweet malt and a bitter noble hop finish with some nuttiness throughout.  Mouthfeel is clean and light.  For a 4% lager Beerito packs in great depth of flavor.  This would be a great session beer for a long hot day.



Rogue 25 Integrity Ale

Rogue 25 Integrity (Blonde) Ale is 5.2 ABV and 29 IBU.  Appearance is opaque orange and the nose sweet malt.  The palate is decent if unremarkable; sweet biscuity fruity malts and moderately bitter, grassy finish.  Mouthfeel is crisp and clean.  It drinks like an above average APA but doesn’t seem to match the grandeur of being a 25th anniversary beer.  Perhaps I’m missing something but nonetheless it’s a fine beer.


New Belgium & Allagash Fat Tire & Friend’s Fat Funk Ale

Fat Tire & Friend’s Fat Funk Ale is a 5.6 ABV American Wild Ale from New Belgium and Allagash.  Appearance is amber and the nose funky yeast.  The flavor is mostly that funky yeast with some banana and spice with notes similar to a Belgian wit.  There are some funky brett notes but it comes off more Belgian than anything else.  Mouthfeel is crisp and a bit dry.  Overall it’s decent, lot of interesting flavors going on.  Another nice part of the collaboration box.



Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale

Coney Island Brewing, once owned by Shmaltz and now Boston Beer Company is a 5 ABV cream ale.  The appearance is darkish orange with a cola like carbonation and a creamsicle nose.  The flavor basically follows, a syrupy sweet orange cream without any of the usual beer characteristics like malt, yeast or hops.  It’s not too bad compared to the current plethora of alco-sodas but the taste doesn’t live up to the pleasant creamsicle like nose.


Cigar City & Evil Twin Columella

Columella is a 12.7 ABV barleywine brewed by Cigar City and Evil Twin.  The nose is sweet and fruity and the appearance coppery.  The flavor is sweet with those dark fruit and rum raisin barleywine characteristics.  Mouthfeel is thick and a bit cloying but not unreasonable for the abv.  Columella is aged using spruce wood as part of a story that bears reading but is too long to post here.  This is a big one and one that would have been better to share.  Just glad to get to try anything from Cigar City.20160719_171552



Fat Tire and Friends Fat Wild Ale

Fat Tire and Friends Fat (American) Wild Ale is a 6.2 ABV New Belgium and Avery collaboration.  Appearance is amber and the nose faintly fruity and funky.  The flavor comes across stronger, funky Brett and Belgian yeas sitting on top of sweet caramel malt with some nuttiness and apple peels.  Lot of flavors going on here and fortunately it lends to a very interesting palate.  Good collab and solid part of the Fat Tire and Friends box.



Guinness Nitro IPA

Guinness Nitro (English) IPA is 5.8 ABV and 44 IBU and uses Admiral, Celeia, Topaz, Challenger and Cascade hops.  Appearance is cascading froth turning orange and the nose lightly malty and floral.  The flavor follows, sweet malt turning to a dry bitter hop finish.  Mouthfeel has the creaminess of the nitro.  It’s kind of a bummer, very middling and only worth trying as a novelty.  The hop package right on the can is good at least.



Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 002

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion is 5.9 ABV and 59 IBU, this is batch 002.  The pour is bubbly light orange and the nose fresh tropical hop.  The flavor follows, well balanced sweet malt finishing with that bright and juicy tropical fruit hop.  Mouthfeel is moderate.  I’m really enjoying this, Firestone nailed that fresh and juicy hop quality.  Definitely find this and drink it fresh.


New Belgium Fat Tire and Friend’s Fat Hoppy Ale

Fat Tire and Friend’s Fat Hoppy Ale is a 6 ABV Amber in collab with New Belgium and Firestone Walker.  The pour is bubbly orange and the nose pineapple hop.  The flavor has that doughy, sweet malt of an amber finishing with a fruity subtle onion like hop.  Mouthfeel is crisp and clean and it has a lot of flavor for a low abv.  This is a nice part of the Fat Tire & Friend’s collab box, looking forward to the rest.


Knee Deep Brewing Breaking Bud

Knee Deep Brewing (Auburn, CA) Breaking Bud is a 6.5 ABV 50 IBU AIPA.  Pour is hazy orange and the nose piney fruit hop.  Taste follows, sweet malt finishing with a dry, dank fruit and pine bitterness.  Mouthfeel is moderate and lively enough.  This is a super refreshing and juicy AIPA that ekes a lot of flavor out of the modest ABV and IBU.  Very well crafted.  And you have to love the bottle art.