SingleCut Weird & Gilly

SingleCut Weird & Gilly AIPA is 6.6 ABV and 88 IBU.  The appearance is light hazy orange and the nose citrus fruit hop.  The flavor is a nice balance of sweet bready malt and fresh juicy, pine sap hop.  The mouthfeel is smooth and a bit sticky with a moderate level of carbonation.  Weird & Gilly is supremely easy to drink but sacrifices nothing for depth of flavor.  I really like what these guys are doing, absolutely recommended.


New Belgium Flowering Citrus Ale

New Belgium Flowering Citrus Ale is a 7.4 ABV 30 IBU fruit / veg brewed in collaboration with De Koninck (Belgium) and uses Antwerp Yeast, Mistral hops, and pale malt and rye.  The appearance is golden amber and the nose floral and fruity.  The palate follows with the added hibiscus, rose petal, lemon and lime with a touch of  bitterness at the end.  The body is light and dry but has a definite depth of character.  This is really interesting, the 4-pack wasn’t cheap, relatively speaking but it’s well worth trying.


Southern Tier Cherry Gose

Southern Tier Cherry Gose is 8.3 ABV and pours light red almost pink.  The nose and taste are strong tart cherry with yeast, some spicy, fruity esters, salt and acids.  Overall feel is moderate and crisp.  8.3 ABV is virtually double most others of the variety but it’s hidden so well.  This and the fresh cherry taste really elevate this one.  It’s a really good one from Southern Tier, absolutely one to try, especially while it’s warm.  Thanks Tbone.


Binding-Brauerei Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen

Binding-Brauerei (Frankfurt) Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen is 2.5 ABV and pours very light hazy orange.  The nose and taste are dominated by fresh grapefruit with some bread and spice.  At this ABV it’s more of a radler or juice than anything else.  This isn’t a bad thing, per say, especially had during a very hot summer.  Overall it’s super refreshing and pleasant and the grapefruit doesn’t seem artificial.  You could drink these all day.  Thanks, Ken.



Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout

Bell’s Special Double Cream (American) Stout is 6.1 ABV and pours virtually black.  The palate is sweet and creamy and quite rich with notes of coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit.  The carbonation is lower but the overall profile is light and moderate.  This would be a decent if unremarkable stout but I happened to have this aging for several months, elevating it to a bit of a higher place, even if this is more of a winter beer.  Bell’s is a really solid brewery that rarely disappoints.



Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Simcoe Hop

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Simcoe Hop is a 13 ABV and (reportedly) 80ish IBU ADIIPA.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose fruity dank hop.  The palate is sweet boozy malt finishing with a tropical fruit citrus bitterness.  The malt hop balance skews towards candi malt sweetness.  It’s a big beer but it gets a bit out of balance, nonetheless, it’s still interesting and worth a shot.  As of review this seems to be retired so my bottle probably suffered from undue aging, which doesn’t suit IPA’s very well.  This could have even further enhanced the malt profile.


Beau’s All Natural Brewing Tom Green Beer

Beau’s All Natural Brewing (Ontario) Tom Green Beer is a 5 ABV milk / sweet stout made in collaboration with the namesake actor, comedian and shockingly good rapper.  The appearance is near black and the nose sweet lactose and roasty malts.  The flavor follows, rich lactose and the usual roasty stout notes.  The body is pleasant and moderate all around.  It’s a decent beer and goes down smooth and easy.  Nice bottle art.


Green Flash Le Freak

Green Flash Le Freak is a 9.2 ABV Begian IPA.  The appearance is hazy gold with a hoppy, Belgian yeast nose.  The flavor is similar, definite Belgian yeast with citrus and spice and candi sweetness throughout.  Mouthfeel and carbonation are moderate and the alcohol is warming.  This is an interesting one and I wasn’t served well with a smaller sample.  I think there’s an outstanding beer here but you need to spend some time and really get to appreciate all the complexities.  Either way it’s well worth trying.



Green Flash Dia De Los Serranos

Green Flash Da De Los Serranos is an 8.8 ABV Chile Beer.  Pour is near black and nose dominated by those serrano chilis.  The flavor follows, tasty serrano pepper on top of a chocolate, coffee backbone.  The body is moderate to full with a bouncy carbonation.  The pepper taste is actually really good and it sits on a well constructed beer, this is an all around great chile beer and well worth having.  Was glad to share this but could do with getting one just for myself.