Founders KBS

Founders KB(ADI)S is 12.4% and pours motor oil black.  The nose and palate are sweet, boozy bourbon malt with notes of oak and vanilla finishing bittersweet.  I’ve had this aging since April 1 and the roasty coffee and chocolate notes have dissipated some, enhancing that woody vanilla bourbon.  Mouthfeel is velvety smooth and that alcohol content quite warming.  Founders KBS is another craft beer masterpiece and one every enthusiast should try.  Very much looking forward to seeing how this fairs at a year and beyond.



Tekirdag Raki

Tekirdag Raki is a 90 proof Turkish Liquor flavored with anise and grape.  Raki is a popular drink in Turkey, Iran, Greece and other Baltic and Turkik countries.  The taste is dominated by sweet licorice from the anise and finishes with peppery spice.  I’m enjoying this straight but I’m sure it’s commonly had with water providing a kind of louche.  That anise, licorice flavor takes some acquiring but it’s absolutely delicious once you do.


Arrogant Bourbon Barrel-Aged Arrogant Bastard

Arrogant Bourbon Barrel-Aged Arrogant Bastard is an 8.1 ABV American Strong Ale.  Appearance is hazy copper and the nose boozy bourbon and sweet malt.  The flavor follows, sweet, boozy bourbon and caramel malt with oak and dark fruits.  Mouthfeel is creamy with some raw alcohol burn.  This bottle has now aged 10 months and is much better than my recollection of having it fresh.  Offering 4 or 6 packs make sampling at different ages much more convenient.  Recommended, but only if you can cellar for a reasonable time.


Prairie BOMB!

Prairie BOMB! is a 13 ABV ADIS and pour virtually black.  The nose and taste are sweet coffee and cocoa with notes of vanilla and dark fruit.  The Ancho Chilies lend a subtle spice to the back end and the alcohol is pleasantly warming and not one bit raw or overbearing.  Mouthfeel is luxuriously rich with a lower carbonation.  This is a massive stout, perhaps one of the best I’ve had in recent memory.  Paid around $14 to bring the bottle home from a bar but well worth it.  Crazy good, very recommended.


Evil Twin No Hero

Evil Twin No Hero is a 7 ABV Oatmeal Stout and pours virtually black with a dark head.  The nose and palate are all roasty malt goodness with those typical stout notes, like cocoa, and coffee.  Mouthfeel is creamy but light enough and appropriate for the ABV.  Evil Twin puts out some very divisive love or hate beers, yet this one is just solidly good and perfectly executed.  Great example of the style, definitely pick up the four pack.


Stone Vertical Epic 02 02 02

Stone Vertical Epic 02 02 02 is a 7.5 ABV 45 IBU witbier.  The appearance is golden orange and the nose spice and funky yeast.  The palate is somewhere between a wheat and Belgian, with spice, banana bread, and funky yeast.  The alcohol is sweet and a bit warming and the finish has a nice bite of bitter hop.  It’s solidly good overall and will be sure to please Belgian fans especially.  A 7.5 bomber isn’t quite out of bounds with alcohol content but it gets a bit sweet and heavy, making this better to share.



CB Craft Brewers Makumba

CB Craft Brewers Makumba is a 9ABV 78 IBU ADIIPA.  The hops include Summit, Apollo, Columbus, Centennial, Falconers Flight & Exp 05256 and the malts Superior Pilsner, Wheat, Melanoidin, Sauer.  The appearance is hazy, unfiltered orange and the nose all bitter hop and sweet malt.  The flavor follows, fairly well balanced sweet malts and big, bitter hops, neither components are particularly well nuanced.  Mouthfeel is big and creamy.  It’s fine, good for a one and done try.


Lagunitas 12th of Never

Lagunitas 12th of Never is a 5.5 ABV, 45 IBU APA.  The pour is light orange and the nose tropical hop.  The flavor follows, a moderate balance of sweet malt and fresh tropical hop notes like guava and pineapple.  Mouthfeel is crisp and clean  The name is a reference to Lagunitas’s founder Tony Magee’s statement about swearing to be the last small brewer to can beers.  Can or not it’s delicious and fills that drinkable 5-6 ABV APA segment perfectly.



Bell’s Oatsmobile

Bell’s Oatsmobile is a 4.3 ABV APA brewed with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops with oats.  The appearance is bubbly gold and the nose mildly grassy and citrus fruit.  The flavor basically follows, bitter and grassy astringent malt finishing with a pine, citrus zest hop.  Mouthfeel is crisp and lively and light.  Oatsmobile is an interesting one, and worth trying, although there is something that lingers on the aftertaste in heavy and not so great way.


Founders Redankulous

Founders Redankulous is a 9.5 ABV 90 IBU ADIIPA.  The appearance is reddish brown and the nose earthy hop.  The flavor is sweet caramel malt and finishes with a bitter pine hop, this is labeled as an Imperial Red IPA and certainly drinks that way.  Mouthfeel is moderate and a bit thick with a nice streak of warming alcohol.  It’s essentially a hopped up red but done quite well and certainly up to what you’d expect out of Founders.  Solid A- beer, worth picking up a 4 pack.