Smuttynose Rocky Road

Smuttynose Rocky Road is a 7.3 ABV milk / sweet stout “aged on amaretto soaked oak chips.”.  The appearance is dark brown and the nose sweet chocolate and cream with that amaretto booziness.  The flavor is all dessert; chocolate, vanilla, coffee and cream, with some mild roasty earthy notes.  Mouthfeel is creamy with a bit of a lower carbonation.   The head pictured is definitely enhanced by the Fizzics beer system of which I’ll be writing about soon enough.  This is really delicious but it’s not going to be something I’d want more than once.


Victory Tart Ten

Victory Tart Ten is a 10 ABV Wild Ale with a coppery orange pour.  The nose and palate are dominated by sour cherry, pear and apple skins.  This was bottled in May ’16 and I’ve had this aging until November which usually treats these big bottle conditioned ales well.  The alcohol is hidden by the dry sourness but you can tell it’s still there.  This is an interesting one, and with a big 10 ABV bomber one I would have preferred to share. If you can still find this I’d definitely recommend trying.


Roc Whoopass

Roc (Rochester) Whoopass is an 8 ABV ADIIPA.  Appearance is orange amber and the nose sweet malt and citrus pine hop.  The flavor is the expected balance of those sweet malts and citrusy pine hops that were present on the nose.  This is getting mostly good reviews with some dissenters and I’m definitely one of the dissenters.  I did not much enjoy the can I had, the malts and hops seemed just out of balance and a bit rough and unrefined overall.  I’d like to try this again, perhaps a bit more fresh or even at the brewery.


Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen (Belgian) IPA Tripel is 9 ABV and pours hazy orange with a big pillowy head.  The nose is Belgian yeast and spice with a similar palate, those Belgian spices and yeast, moderate levels of booze, finishing clean and bitter.  Mouthfeel is very crisp given the depth of flavor and level of booze, which is all but hidden.  This is a superbly crafted beer out of Belgium, absolutely worth finding.


Stillwater Big Bunny

Stillwater Big Bunny is an 8 ABV milk / sweet stout.  The appearance is cola brown with a sweet cocoa nose.  The flavor basically follows, sweet cocoa malts and some lactose with minor roast notes.  Mouthfeel is moderate and a bit creamy with an average to just below average carbonation.  Overall it’s just fine, it poured with a decent head but showed zero lacing which is a bit odd, perhaps there is a light residue on my glass.  A solidly drinkable stout, going to be good for a one and done.


Lord Hobo Consolation Prize

Lord Hobo (Woburn, MA) Consolation Prize is a 9.5 ABV ADIIPA.  The appearance is unfiltered orange with little head or lacing and the nose pine hop.  The flavor is sweet malt and big bitter hop with a creamy and moderate mouthfeel.  I like this better than Boom Sauce, however, it’s still not as successful in that juicy hop Northeast style as Lord Hobo wants it to be.  Also, that ABV may be better served a point or so lower, it’s needlessly boozy.  Not too bad, worth trying at least.



Wagner Valley Dockside Vienna Lager

Wagner Valley (Lodi, NY) Dockside Vienna Lager is 5.1 ABV and pours bubbly amber.  The nose and taste are true to style, sweet caramel malts with a light hop.  Those honey, candi malts are a bit too overpowered, making this edge a bit too sweet.  Mouthfeel is moderate and easy.  Okay for a one and done and I did finish it fine but that sweetness is just too much, can’t very highly recommend.  Probably works just fine if the brewery offers it in a flight, where you can get a quick taste.


Singlecut Bon Bon 2x TNT

Singlecut Bon Bon 2x TNT is an 8.25 ABV 143 IBU ADIIPA and uses Australian and NZ hops.  The appearance is golden orange with a bright hop nose.  The flavor follows, sweet boozy malt with a big punch of bitter citrus hop.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy and very dirnkable.   This is yet another top notch IPA from Singlecut, a brewery that’s quickly becoming a favorite.  Very much recommended.


Brauerei Hofstetten Krammer Kubelbier

Brauerei Hofstetten Krammer (Austria) Kubelbier is a 5.6 ABV Kellerbier.  The appearance is unfiltered orange with a small head and no lacing.  The nose and palate are kind of a sour citrus and fruit with bready malt and yeast.  The body is very moderate and it’s quite smooth once the carbonation settles.  It’s fine but I’m just not a huge fan of this style.  Nice to try something different.


Southern Tier Rum Barrel Aged Pumking

Southern Tier Rum Barrel Aged Pumking is a 10.7 ABV pumpkin ale.  Appearance is clearish amber with very little head or lacing and the nose pumpkin spice.  The palate here is very similar to that of Pumking but that rum barrel aging adds another layer of boozy sweetness.  Mouthfeel is crisp and clean and that abv is very well hidden.  Pumking has always been a pumpkin ale I’ve been fairly fond of and this barrel aged version, while expensive, added a very welcome complexity.  Really quite good, I’d have it every fall.