Uinta Rise & Pine

Uinta Rise & Pine Hoppy Dark (American Black) Ale is 7.5 ABV and 85 IBU and uses Chinook, Simcoe,  and Exp. #07270 hops.  The appearance is virtually black and the nose spicy and roasty barley.  The palate is a balance of those roasted barley malts and earthy, pine hop, notes of that spice are present throughout.  The mouthfeel has a creaminess but is just a bit lacking.  It’s definitely not exceptional but it’s not bad, Uinta is a solid brewery that rarely disappoints.  Good for a one and done.



Sierra Nevada Narhwal

Sierra Nevada Narwhal 2o16 is a 10.2 ABV Russian Imperial Stout.  The appearance is virtually black and the nose sweet and boozy.  The flavor is malty sweet with notes of rum raisin and coffee, the finish is long and bittersweet.  Narwhal is velvety smooth with a bit of  a lower carbonation and full body feel.  It’s a touch boozy in a way you can almost feel more on your lips than anywhere else.  I’ll be looking forward to every Narwhal release, it’s not one to miss.



Allagash Sixteen Counties

Allagash Sixteen Counties is a 7.3 ABV Belgian Pale brewed with Maine barley, wheat and oat and celebrates Maine’s sixteen counties.  The appearance is frothy orange and the nose moderate Belgian yeast.  The palate has those Belgian yeast notes on top of a nice drinkable pale ale, throughout are notes of spice including coriander and pepper and citrus zest.  Allagash is a wonderful brewery and this is a fitting tribute to one of my favorite places.  Very glad to have been able to try this.  If I saw this again I’d absolutely hold onto one, despite the low ABV.


Two Evil Geyser

Two Evil Geyser is a 5.5 ABV Gose from Evil Twin and Two Roads.  The appearance is orange and the nose vegetal and tangy.  This is brewed with Icelandic moss, rye, herbs, sea kelp, skyr and birch smoked sea salt which sounds like a lot but these notes come off fairly restrained.  Those citrus, lactic sour and salty notes are clear on the palate as it typical to the style.  It’s really good, I enjoy when these Goses dial up the sour and salty flavors.  And while it does come across crisp these are not thrist quenching, that salt will dehydrate you fast.


Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge

Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge is a 12 ABV ADIS and pours virtually black.  The nose and palate are delicious chocolate fudge, cocoa and licorice with some roasty spicy notes throughout.  Mouthfeel is creamy and thick but silky smooth.  It’s boozy but not as much as the abv would indicate.    Absolutely a top notch and must try beer from Evil Twin, even if it falls just short of elite level.  Definitely one to enjoy slowly and let those flavors open up as it warms.


Hopshire Farm & Brewery Shire Ale

Hopshire Farm & Brewery Shire (Scottish) Ale is 7.8 ABV and 30 IBU.  The appearance is dark brown and the nose malty sweet.  The flavor basically follows, sweet caramel and toffee malts with a bittersweet finish typical to the style.  The mouthfeel is thick and a bit creamy but not too cloying, and perhaps a bit over carbonated.  Something was a bit lost in translation from the picturesque brewery sampling and having a whole bottle at home, as can sometimes be the case.  The brewery is absolutely recommended if you are in the Ithaca, NY area.


The Tyrconnell

The Tyrconnell (40% ABV) is a single malt from Cooley, part of Kilbeggan Distilling, originally established in 1762.  This may all also be part of Suntory.  It’s quite pleasant with sweet orchard fruit, spice and some light peat and smoke.  The palate has a nice mellow creaminess.  At well under fifty dollars this is a great value and easy to recommend.  It’s working quite well neat but a drop of water or some whiskey stones may also lend some enhancement.


Widow Jane Bourbon

Widow Jane Bourbon, from Red Hook, Brookyln, is aged 10 years and 91 proof.  The palate has all those bourbon notes you would expect, vanilla, oak, rye and burnt sweetness.  This bourbon starts in Kentucky but is sent to New York to finish aging.  It’s a bit of a harsh bourbon, but in a way that you want bourbon to be harsh.  Thanks, Dan, what a treat.


New Belgium Accumulation

New Belgium Accumulation is a Belgian IPA, 6.2 ABV, 55  IBU and uses Nugget,Centennial, Mosaic and Amarillo hops.  The appearance is bright orange and the nose subtle Belgian yeast and citrus.  The flavor is a nice sweet malt and citrus hop balance with those Belgian notes throughout.  Mouthfeel, carbonation and texture are all moderate but well rounded.  This is a nice winter beer and very drinkable even if not extremely memorable.  Still very happy New Belgium has New York distribution.


Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ale

Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog (Old) Ale is 11.1 ABV and 20 IBU and pours coppery mahogany with an orchard fruit nose.  The flavor has those apple and pear notes with caramel and toffee and a sticky dextrose sweetness.  The carbonation is a bit lower but the mouthfeel has a thinness to it that belies the abv level.  This is an interesting one and nice to sip on.   I am going to age 2 out of the 4 and see how this fairs after a year or more.