Prohibition Bootlegger 21 Gin Barrel Reserve

Prohibition (Roscoe, NY) Bootlegger 21 Gin Barrel Reserve is a 92 proof corn gin.  Botanicals include Juniper, Orris, Lemon Verbena, Coriander and Bitter Orange.  The appearance is a light oily brown with a strong juniper and citrus presence on the nose and taste.  This bottling was aged in whiskey barrels lending to the appearance and earthy, whiskey like note on the palate.  Given those botanicals it’s clearly gin but the barrel aging lends a delicious complexity.  Was very glad to pick up this bottle, what a beautiful distillery.  Batch 00001.


Bronx Brewery Winter Pale Ale

Bronx Brewery Winter (American) Pale Ale is 6.7 ABV and pours bubbly orange.  The nose is heavy on the molasses, ginger, cloves, & cinnamon that it’s brewed with.  The palate is similar, just dominated by those spicy notes so that it drinks a bit like a winter warmer.  This could lead to some style confusion but it actually kind of works, the taste is nice but edges just shy of cloying with all that molasses.  Really decent.

Collective Arts Ransack the Universe – Hemisphere IPA

Collective Arts (Ontario) Ransack the Universe  Hemisphere (A)IPA is 6.8 ABV and 85 IBU, hops include  Citra, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, Galaxy & Mosaic.  The appearance is orange and the nose citrus hop.  Palate is sweet malt and fresh citrus fruit hop that includes, mango, guava and pineapple flavors.  Mouthfeel is moderate and creamy and juicy and stays very drinkable with a great depth of flavor.  I’ve suddenly now seen Collective Arts with a big bar tap presence and large grocery endcap display, I hope it’s all this good, very well recommended.

Nickel Brook Kentucky Bastard

Nickel Brook (Ontario) Kentucky Bastard is a 14.5 ABV 70 IBU Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrels and uses magnum, nugget and centennial hops.  The pour is pitch black and the nose boozy dark fruits.  The flavor has all those warm boozy notes, rum raisin, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and oak finishing long and sweet.  Mouthfeel is smooth but moderate and that alcohol all warming and not at all raw.  It’s by no means the best of the big barrel aged stouts I’ve had but it’s quite nice to sip on.  The bottle says 2016 but I can’t find anything more specific.  Certainly one I was glad to be able to try.


Evil Twin Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room

Evil Twin Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room is a 10 ABV ADIS and pours cola black.  The nose and palate are roasty cocoa and coffee malt, licorice, some dark fruits and maybe a little leathery tobacco and smoke.  Mouthfeel is somehow both a little syrupy and light at the same time.  It’s a good stout but there’s just something missing here that lowers this to a B, if made to give it a letter grade.  Certainly worth trying but it’s forgettable, the bar is very high for these big Evil Twin beers.

Bell’s Lager of the Lakes

Bell’s Lager of the Lakes is a 5 ABV Czech style Pilsener and pours a bubbly, pale gold.  The nose is grassy which leads into the taste, cereal malts with a bite of grassy hop towards the end.  Mouthfeel is crisp and light and bouncy and super clean.  It’s a by the numbers Czech pils but it’s well made and enjoyable and well within the quality you’d expect out of Bell’s.  Very good for what it is.

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger is a 7 ABV 50 IBU AIPA and uses Nugget, Cascade, Simcoe, Chinook, Mosaic and Amarillo hops.  Appearance is pale orange and the nose piney hop.  The flavor is a sweet malt and hop balance, the varied hop package is muted but has various notes of bitter resin, onion, citrus, and floral pine.  Mouthfeel is very moderate with a light creaminess and bouncy carbonation.  It’s decent and drinkable but perhaps nothing outstanding.  Certainly worth trying, still nice seeing New Belgium in the NY area.

Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood

Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood is a 7.5 ABV 45 IBU AIPA, hops include Warrior, Centennial as well as”experimental” hops.  The appearance is coppery and the nose blood orange citrus.  The flavor is a sweet malt with a dominating pithy, resiny blood orange citrus and citrus peel.  Mouthfeel is very moderate and the alcohol quite hidden, however, their is a bit of wateriness to it.  Dogfish makes some very novel beers but they can still make a solid, drinkable and well executed AIPA.  Worth picking up a six pack, even if Dogfish has lost a bit of craft beer cache.

Stone Ripper

Stone Ripper is a 5.7 ABV 40 IBU APA and uses Cascade & Australian Galaxy hops.  The appearance is darkish orange/red and the nose light pine hop.  The flavor is a nice balance of sweet caramel malt and bitter pine and herbal hop.  Mouthfeel is light and crisp and drinkable.  With Ripper Stone shows that a low level ABV/IBU sessionable ale can still have a lot of character and depth of flavor.  I may not need to seek it out again but it’s solidly good.

New Belgium Dayblazer

New Belgium Dayblazer is a 4.8 ABV American Blonde Ale.   The appearance is pale orange and the nose very light straw malt with just a tiny bit of unfortunate skunk.  The flavor is a very light cereal malt with a touch of lemon and grass so subtle it’s barely there.  Mouthfeel is crisp and light and a bit watery.  I suppose it’s fine but I’m just not really into this.