John Myer 4 Grain Whiskey

John Myer 4 Grain Whiskey is sourced and bottled in Ovid, NY.  It’s 90 proof and made from corn, wheat, rye and barley.  The nose is heavy grain but I can pick out the sweet and sour of the corn and rye most.  The flavor is grain, honey and vanilla oak char with notes of leather and tobacco.  It works great on its own but it seems versatile, you could add a drop of water, an ice cube or use in any number of whiskey cocktails.  As it warms it softens up and those oaky vanilla flavors really stand out.

Founders Sumatra Mountain

Founders Sumatra Mountain is a 9 ABV 40 IBU American Brown Ale.  The appearance is black and the nose sweet coffee.  The flavor is rich sweet malt turning to bitter, earthy coffee.  Mouthfeel is smooth but has no lack of depth and complexity and the alcohol is all but hidden.  Sumatra Mountain is top notch and perhaps only falls just short of elite level.  Very easily recommended and nice to see a really great brown ale.

Mitchell & Sons Yellow Spot 12

Mitchell & Sons Yellow Spot 12 year (92 proof) is a single pot Irish whiskey from Dublin with malted and unmalted barley and aged in Sherry, Bourbon and Malaga casks.  The nose and palate are strong sweet orchard fruit, marshmallow and vanilla with notes of peppery spice.  As it warms the heat intensifies but the character mellows pleasantly.  Yellow Spot is very enjoyable, was glad to get a sample from a Flaviar tasting pack.  Full bottles retail for roughly $100 USD and would make a pleasant addition to any collection.


Evil Twin / Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break

Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break is a 10.5 ABV ADIS and pours cola black.  The nose and palate are sweet malt, cinnamon, vanilla and dark fruits.  The real star for me is the bit of heat on the back end and aftertaste from the habanero.  Mouthfeel is velvety smooth.  It’s quite delicious, especially as it warms, but I’m not sure if it’s an improvement on Westbrook’s Mexican Cake, I can’t speak for Biscotti Break as I haven’t had that at time of review.  Still absolutely worth finding.