AleSmith Speedway Stout

AleSmith Speedway (ADI) Stout is 12 ABV and 70 IBU and pours a rich black.  The nose is sweet malt and coffee which leads into the flavor, richly textured cake like malt with coffee, cocoa and molasses.  Mouthfeel is velvety smooth and drinkable and that ABV is all warmth without any rawness.  Short of anything with a barrel aged treatment I can’t think of a better imperial stout that I’ve had recently.  Absolutely one to find and enjoy, the coffee is provided by Ryan Brothers.



MillerCoors Zima

Zima is a 5 ABV Malt Liquor from MillerCoors originally released in 1992 and already dramatically decreasing in sales by 1996 and all but completely overshadowed by other sugary alcopops by the mid oughts.  Appearance is bubbly clear and the nose light citrus.  The flavor is basically a flatter Sprite with a light booze on the finish.  It’s sweet and sugary, trying one is fun but any more could be a problem.  Fun to try I guess, Zomething Different indeed.


Bronx Brewery Boom Boom

Bronx Brewery Boom Boom is an 8.1 ABV 64 IBU ADIIPA and uses Pacific Gem & Citra hops.  The appearance is light hazy orange and the nose citrus hop.  The flavor follows, sweet malt and bitter citrus hop with a touch of spice.  The mouthfeel is smooth and mellow from the addition of the wheat malts and that abv all but hidden.  It drinks like a session beer so that alcohol content could sneak up on you.    Nice one, glad to have been able to find it.

Firestone Walker Leo Vs. Ursus Adversus

Firestone Walker Leo Vs. Ursus Adversus is an 8.2 ABV 55 IBU ADIIPA and uses a “blend of Pacific NW hops.”  Appearance is orange and the nose tropical fruit hop.  The flavor follows, an expectedly well balanced sweet malt and that tropical citrus fruit hop profile.  Mouthfeel is bouncy enough but has a welcome creaminess.  A glut of A- IPA’s to try isn’t such a bad problem even if some of them can get lost in the mix.  If you spot this one it’s certainly worth picking up.

Black Button Moonshine

Black Button Moonshine is a 100 proof 100% unaged corn whiskey from Rochester, NY.  This is batch 10 and bottle 205.  The smell and taste are basically corny and raw, burning alcohol.  The finish is smooth and boozy and quite dry.  This is a solid local Moonshine and I went through the 375 mL bottle fairly quickly.  I mostly enjoyed this sipped neat but it’s kind of begging for an ice cube or whiskey stones.  Would definitely get the bigger bottle next time.

Stone Ghost Hammer

Stone Ghost Hammer is a 6.7 ABV 56 IBU AIPA and uses Loral hops.  Appearance is bright orange and the nose spicy citrus and floral.  The flavor is balanced sweet malt and that floral, citrus hop with a punch of spice.  Mouthfeel, carbonation and texture are all moderate.  I like to live in this ABV range and the hop profile is very pleasing, making Ghost Hammer a pretty ideal, drinkable can of beer for me even if it won’t ever be exceptional.  Very recommended and one I’ll be picking up whenever I see it released.