Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout

Heavy Seas Peg Leg (Russian Imperial) Stout is 8 ABV and pours just shy of black.  The nose is all sweet boozy malt leading into the palate, roasty malt, boozy rum raisin and orchard fruit.  Mouthfeel, carbonation and texture are all pretty moderate and the abv is low for the style.  Nothing here to strongly recommend but it’s just fine.  Maybe cellar one for awhile.

Maker’s 46

Maker’s 46 (94 proof) is Maker’s Mark finished in French stave barrels, the 46 refers to something about it being the 46th wood recipe.  The nose is oaky vanilla with some spice, leading into the palate, plenty of oak, leather and spice, namely clove and cinnamon.  Overall it’s quite mellow and works nice with a large, slower melting piece of ice.  Well worth it at a price point of around 40 bucks.

Stone W00t Stout 2017

Stone W00t Stout 2017 is a 13 ABV 65 IBU ADIS and pours virtually black.  The nose is boozy vanilla, leading into the flavor, malt heavy with oaky vanilla notes from the barrel aging.  The pecans lend a nice sweetness and the overall mouthfeel is a bit syrupy with lower carbonation.  W00t stout is never disappointing but gets a bit sweet for me.  Bottled 6/17 and enjoyed 3/18.