Singlecut Heavy Boots of Lead

Singlecut Heavy Boots of Lead is an 11.2 ABV 55 IBU ADIS bottled 1/18, enjoyed 6/18.  Appearance is virtually black with a roasty nose, the flavor follows, roasty chocolate, dark fruits, oak and vanilla.  Mouthfeel is moderate with a lower carbonation and the alcohol all but hidden.  Another home run from a top notch brewery.  Thanks, Tbone, couldn’t wait any longer to have it.  A challenge not to drink it too quick.


Singlecut Chrissie

Singlecut Chrissie is a 4.2 ABV 14 IBU Gose.   Appearance is light orange and the nose all briny citrus.  The flavor is sharp and sour citrus and salty with virtually no bitterness.  Mouthfeel is light and crisp and well carbonated.  Nothing from Singlecut has been less than fantastic and this is no exception.  Maybe the best Gose I’ve had.  Quite delicious.

Stone Mint Coffee Milk Stout

Stone Mint Coffee Milk Stout is 5 ABV and pours black with a quickly dissipating head.  The nose is sweet and minty which leads into the palate, an altogether light, subtlely sweet and minty stout.  Mouthfeel is light and drinkable.  As much as I don’t very much enjoy chocolate and mint combined this kinda works, and given the light ABV comes off very restrained and pleasant.  Not too bad at all.


Southern Tier Samoa This

Southern Tier Samoa This is a 10 ABV ADIS with Himalayan sea salt, chocolate, coconut and caramel.  Appearance is black and the nose sweet cocoa and coconut.  The palate includes those cocoa, coconut notes on top of a very nicely made stout.  The salt is present but subtle.  In reference to the name this really does taste like a samoa cookie.  Definitely a novelty dessert beer but pretty outstanding for what it is.

Southern Tier Imperial Ginger

Southern Tier Imperial Ginger is an herb / spice beer and 8.5 ABV.  Appearance is amber and the nose dominant ginger.  The flavoring is more ginger beer than regular beer, and quite sweet with the addition of the agave.  I had it as a beer with no ice or other ingredients and I’m not sure that’s the best application.  Worth trying I suppose but not something I need to try again.

Off Color Brewing Troublesome

Off Color Brewing Troublesome is a 4 ABV 10 IBU Gose.  The nose is light spice and the appearance orange amber.  It comes across more sour than gose with the lactobacillus but the saltiness is present enough.  The coriander is also very forward on the palate.  Very crisp and drinkable and despite me having this sitting way too long still tastes good.  Not terribly exciting but good.

Bronx Brewery Holy Mother of Citrus

Bronx Brewery Holy Mother of Citrus is an 8.56 ABV 55 IBU ADIIPA and uses Columbus, Citra & Mandarina Bavaria hops.  Appearance is hazy, unfiltered orange with a pillowy head and the nose all citrus hop.  The flavor follows, a nice fresh balance of sweet malt and citrus hop.  The tangerine enhances that tropical hop note well and the mouthfeel is smooth and creamy.  Really stands out, very well recommended.

Roscoe Trout Town Whittle Wee Heavy

Roscoe Trout Town Whittle Wee Heavy is 9.5 ABV and 2o IBU and pours coppery brown.  The nose and taste are orchard fruit and nutty malt with almost no hop bitterness.  Aging this one has seemingly treated it well, it drinks almost like a cider with that sweet apple so dominant on the palate.  Also I’m sure this accounts for the dissipation of any hop presence.  The ABV is all but hidden and it drinks very well despite low carbonation.  Very nice, glad I could get one.

Lagunitas Waldos 2018

Lagunitas Waldos comes in at 11.3 ABV and 100+ IBU for 2018.  Appearance is orange amber and the nose dank hop.  The flavor is what you’d expect, big sweet malt, big dank hop, mouthfeel is moderate and creamy with a slightly low carbonation.  The ABV is present but not raw.  This one edges a bit sweet, especially as my six pack has aged over the month I’ve had it.  Nonetheless it’s a must get every year.

Elyisan Super Fuzz

Elyisan Super Fuzz is a 6.4 ABV APA and pours a light, hazy, unfiltered orange.  The nose and palate are light citrus and malt, the blood orange comes through, but mildly.  Mouthfeel is light and bouncy but has a bit of creaminess.  It’s a fine beer and drinks nice, even if a bit watery.  Nothing here is outstanding but nothing wrong either.  Decent.