21st Amendment Toaster Pastry

21st Amendment Toaster Pastry is a 7.6 ABV 74 IBU Amber.  Appearance is reddish and the nose sweet malt and oily hop.  The flavor is well balanced sweet biscuity malt finishing with fruity oily pine hop, moderate and creamy mouthfeel.  Toaster Pastry is the first brew out of 21’st’s new brewery, a former toaster pastry factory.  The Calypso and “other” hops and dark crystal malts lend to a jam filled pastry as intended.  A solid A- and the clear best of what I’ve had from the brewery, easily recommended.


Vindication Brewing Freedom Stout

Vindication Brewing (Boulder, CO) Freedom (American) Stout is 6.8 ABV and pours virtually black.  The nose and palate are all standard American Stout, cocoa, coffee, with roasted notes and a smooth bitter finish.  The mouthfeel is smooth and moderate but has some depth to it, quite appropriate for the ABV level, along with just a touch of booziness.  This is a good little American Stout and one I’d certainly recommend.  Quite good indeed.


Epic Double Skull Doppelbock

Epic Double Skull Doppelbock is a 9 ABV lager.  The appearance is copper and the nose toasty malt, caramel and earth.  The flavor follows, sweet boozy caramel malts with some nice finishing bitterness.  The carbonation is a touch low but the mouthfeel remains lagery and crisp.  It’s a really nice example of the style, a boozy, fleshed out lager.  I’m still only so so on the style so while it’s really good totally subjectively it’s just not going to be my favorite.  Still easily recommended.