Saranac Everyday IPA

Saranac Everyday IPA is 4.9 ABV and 45 IBU.   Appearance and nose are standard east coast, light amber and pineapple citrus hop though without much head or lacing.  The flavor is good but nothing unexpected or notably complex .  The hop and malts balance well and it sits just under the 5/50  abv/ibu mark.  This gives to a nice crisp drinkable IPA, just as the name would imply.   I might not go back for more but this would be a great choice for summer BBQ beer .  photo

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter is 5.5 ABV and 12 IBU.  Appearance is dark ruby brown, almost black, and the nose lightly roasted malts with vanilla chocolate and coffee notes.  The taste follows with those roasted coffee and chocolate flavors with hints of dark cherry and vanilla.  Overall it’s a little watery and without a robust enough malt presence for a truly noteworthy porter.  This is really just a light and sweet dessert.  I’m not displeased but not quite impressed either.  Courtesy of Noel.IMG_0165 IMG_0167

Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock comes in at 4.4 ABV has a dark amber appearance and a biscuit caramel nose.  The flavor is basic caramel and biscuit malt turning sweet on the finish with only a slight hop bitterness.   The mouthfeel is crisp and sessionable but unfortunately edges towards thin and lacking of any real depth.  So far this may be the lesser of the Shiner offerings I’ve tried.  It’s really just okay but at least better than most macros out there. IMG_0164

Lagunitas Maximus

Lagunitas Maximus is an ADIPA, 8.2 ABV and 72 IBU. The appearance is bubbly and golden and the nose floral citrus hops. The taste is your basic big west coast ADIPA with the sweet malts balancing the hops. The sweetness of the malt dominates the palate a bit much but overall this is very good. The mouthfeel is creamy especially as it warms.  Lagunitas remains a top tier brewery. Courtesy of Noel.IMG_0162

Shiner Kosmos

Shiner Kosmos is a 4.98 ABV American Pale Lager.  Appearance is gold and bubbly and the nose grainy sweet malt.  The flavor is basic lager but with a nice sweet malt touch and bitter finish.  It’s a bit thin but has decent enough character with a pleasant crisp mouthfeel.  Like some other Shiner beers I get some apple on the nose and taste.  It’s no craft beer but solid for what it is and pretends to be nothing more.  I’d recommend.  IMG_0158

Shiner Wild Hare

Shiner’s Wild Hare is a pale ale and 5.5 ABV.  The appearance is orange amber and the nose mostly grain.  The flavor follows, wet and bready but not at all unpleasant.  There is also a definite apple character to the nose and palate.  I would have like more of a bitter hop bite on the finish but it’s clean.  The mouthfeel is also a little thinIMG_0155 but  makes up for it in crispness.  Not a stellar craft brew by any means but just fine.

Souther Tier Imperial Compass

Southern Tier Imperial Compass is a 9 ABV American Pale Ale.  The appearanceIMG_0153 is hazy gold with a large pillowy head and the nose sweet floral and hop.  The palate is sugary sweet with those floral rose hips turning into a bitter hop finish.  The mouthfeel is sparkly but very well rounded.  This is a very unique pale ale and absolutely worth trying.  STB continues to impress.

Founders Dirty Bastard

Founders Dirty Bastard is a Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy, 8.5 ABV and 50 IMG_0152IBU.  The appearance is a dark ruby with a dark fruit malt nose.  The 7 malt varieties give to a deep and complex flavor balancing so well with the 50 IBU bitterness and masking the higher abv level.  The mouthfeel is smooth and rich and a peaty smoke rounds out the back end.  This is a great example of the variety and glad to be able to use my Scotch Ale Thistle glass.


Magic Hat Encore

Magic Hat Encore is an American IPA with a wheat base, 45 IBU and 6.4 ABV.   IMG_0149The appearance is hazy orange and bubbly and the nose grassy malts and citrus hop.  The flavor hits you with a big bready tang up front but finishes with that IPA hop bitterness.  I’m very torn on this one, those flavors are a bit out of balance.  The aftertaste is a little too bitter, like biting into a grapefruit rind.  Worth trying for a curiosity but I won’t need to again.